Issue No.44 (January 2010)
1. GNI Event: GNI International Business Seminar (Feb 2)
2. GNI Event: Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF) Jan 28
3. Event: “Arts and Cities” Triennale 2010
4. Local Food: How about a Pork Chop on Your Plate for Lunch?
5. Industry: EV Cluster Starts Forming in Greater Nagoya
1. GNI Event: GNI International Business Seminar (Feb. 2)
GNI International Business Seminar will be held on February 2, 2010 to promote foreign direct investment and alliances between overseas and Japanese companies within the Greater Nagoya region.
Greater Nagoya is the area within 100km of the Nagoya Central Business District, including Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures. Buzzing with the manufacturing spirit of monozukuri (literally “the drive to create products of value”), we are home to a myriad of enterprises that give birth to creative and value-added products year after year. This creative drive has manifested itself in a wide range of industrial clusters including Automotive, Aerospace, and Machine Tools.
Also world leading industries such as Robotic and IT fields have developed, and the region is considered a distinct area for business investment. For further information about the seminar’s timetable and an application form are attached below.
Date: February. 2. 2010 (Tuesday)      Time: 14:0016:30
Venue:    5F (Room A, B) Japan External trade Organization (JETRO) Headquarters Tokyo
Address: Ark Mori Building, 6F 12-32, Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-6006
Fees:      Free
(Simultaneous interpretation for Japanese-English)
14:00 – 14:10        Opening Remarks Mr. NII Yasuhito
Director, Trade and Investment Facilitation Division
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
14:10 – 14:15        Welcome Speech
Mr. NAKAJO Kazuya
Director, Invest Japan Division Japan External Trade Organization
14:15 – 14:35        Business and Investment Environments in Greater Nagoya
General Manager, Greater Nagoya Initiative Center
14:35 – 15:00        ProLogis’ Sustainable Distribution Facility Development
-The Greater Nagoya Market-
Vice President / Development, ProLogis
15:00 15:25 Nagoya is the Best Place to Choose for Your Business Strategy
Mr. MATSUI Tamotsu
President, SAMTECH Japan
15:25 15:50 Why Wall Street Associates chose Greater Nagoya?
Director, Wall Street Associates K.K. Nagoya Office
15:50 –                 Q&A
Time:      16:30 – 18:00
Venue:    5F (Room C, D)
Participants: Seminar attendees
(Simultaneous interpretation for Japanese-English)
2. Event: Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF)Jan 28
Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF) is a business event which aims at promoting automotive embedded system industry in Greater Nagoya region. It will be held on Jan.28 Midland Square Hall from 10:00 – 16:45.
The organization so far tackled the themes – the Human Resource and company Development by holding seminars in applied technologies field, organizing workshops for skill improvement to further activate the industry.
In this year, the forum shares industrial trends and latest information as well as last year among participated local companies in the industry. Forum details are below.
-ASIF Activity Introduction
TAKADA Hiroaki, Ph. D., Professor
Graduate School of Information Science
Nagoya University, Department of Information Engineering
-Key Note Lecture
Company Activities for Automotive Embedded System Development
KUROYANAGI Shigeru, General Manager,
Automotive Software Engineering Division, Toyota Motor Corporation
-Seminar Speeches
Open Innovation Strategy in Europe: Behind AUTOSAR
Ritsumeikan University, Department of Economics, Associate professor
Activities for Enhancing Software Development in IPA/SEC
Engineering Area Manager, Software Engineering Center
-Invited lecture
New Generation Electronic Vehicle “i-MiEV” and Model Base Development to Support the Quality
Vice Corporate General Manager, Product Strategy Office
Senior Expert, EV Business Office
Assistant to Corporate General Manager, Development Engineering Office
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
3. Event: “Arts and Cities” Triennale 2010


Aichi Triennale 2010


If you walk around Nagoya city area in 2010, you will find several small houses displaying the Triennale flyers, and artists are working on their piece of works.
The Aichi Triennale is an international art festival, held once every three year, explores the theme of “Arts and Cities.” The inaugural event sets out to create a euphoric atmosphere of excitement and provide visitors with a variety of experiences while introducing cutting-edge trends from around the world through the exhibition of contemporary art works and the staging of performing arts.
In addition to the international exhibition of contemporary art by numerous artists from all over the world, the exhibitions based on the results of a competition for young artists will be held.
Performances in which performing arts such as dance, music, theatre are integrated with modern artistic expressions will be presented.
Along with the latest in contemporary dance and innovative opera productions, ballet recitals and concerts will be staged in cooperation with the organizers.
Workshops offering training in art and stage production will be conducted by participating visual and performing artists.
In addition to a wide range of events with an exciting and festive atmosphere, performances by local art and culture groups, selected through public subscription, will be presented.
It is our sincere hope that the triennale will come to be a familiar symbol of culture in Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture. Get ready for Aichi Triennale 2010.
From Aichi Triennale Official Website:
4. Local Food: How about a Pork Chop on Your Plate for Lunch?



Well-known pork chop on the plate at Rairai Ken in Yokkaichi area


Tender, juicy pork chops on a plate make great lunch in Greater Nagoya.
If you’ve ever been to Yokkaichi-city, Mie prefecture, you’ve probably seen a lot of restaurants serving Pork Chops on a Plate.
Tender, juicy pork chops are good match with a bowl of rice. The soupy sauce with pork flavor is also great for your side dish of shredded cabbage; you’ll want to dip the cabbage in to the sauce. For most, the deep fried garlic enhances the flavors. You can eat them even during lunch hours.
More than 27 pork chop restaurants are located within Yokkaichi-city, helping to revitalize the city. There is actually a Pork Chop Association in the city, which creates the Pork Chop restaurant map for you to find the location of all of the Port Chop restaurants. Please find a PDF of the map below.
Those restaurants who serve pork chops have different tastes one from another, and city residents participate in the Japan Junk Food Competition to find their soul food.
Rai rai ken official website:
5. Industry: EV Cluster Starts Forming in Greater Nagoya
The electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle industries are now forming a cluster in Greater Nagoya. Many of the suppliers are starting to manufacture EV related products, AICHI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD is one of them, and it makes battery chargers for the electric vehicles in cooperating with CHUBU Electric Power Co., lnc, and aiming sales of a hundred million yen in FY2011. A key advantage of electric or hybrid electric vehicles is their ability to recover braking energy as electricity to be stored in the on-board battery (called regenerative braking). A battery charger will be sold for about 300 thousand JP yen. The infrastructure for EV design and manufacturing in the region has begun and is expected to be maintained for the future of EV as well.
And more local governments are making use of EV as their transportation choice during business hours, and that is one of the reasons that area increases the demand for EV in the whole country.
In Greater Nagoya, the number of people who are concerned with the environmental impact of petroleum-based transportation has been increasing and as a matter of fact, people have started to use bicycles more than before. This has caused an increase in interest in an electric transportation infrastructure. Vehicles which can be powered by renewable energy sources, such as hybrid electric vehicles or pure electric vehicles, are becoming more popular here in Greater Nagoya.
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