Issue No.43 (December 2009)
1. GNI Event: Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF) Jan 28
2. GNI Event: The Tenth Conference of the Parties to the convention on Biological Diversity (COP10)
3. Event: Toyota Business Fair 2009Dec 17-18
4. Report: AGRITECHNICA 2009 in Hanover, Germany
5. GNI Partners: Banrai Nabe Pot for Your Own Home-made Tofu
6. GNI Industrial Tour: International Students in GN Visit TMC Plant
1. Event: Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF)Jan 28
Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF) is a business event which aims at promoting automotive embedded system industry in Greater Nagoya region. It will be held on Jan.28 Midland Square Hall from 10:00 – 16:45.
The organization so far tackled the themes – the Human Resource and company Development by holding seminars in applied technologies field, organizing workshops for skill improvement to further activate the industry.
In this year, the forum shares industrial trends and latest information as well as last year among participated local companies in the industry. Forum details are below.
-ASIF Activity Introduction
TAKADA Hiroaki, Ph. D., Professor
Graduate School of Information Science
Nagoya University, Department of Information Engineering
-Key note lecture
Company Activities for Automotive Embedded System Development
KUROYANAGI Shigeru, General Manager,
Automotive Software Engineering Division, Toyota Motor Corporation
-Seminar Speeches
Open Innovation Strategy in Europe: Behind AUTOSAR
Ritsumeikan University, Department of Economics, Associate professor
Activities for Enhancing Software Development in IPA/SEC
Engineering Area Manager, Software Engineering Center
-Invited lecture
New Generation Electronic Vehicle “i-MiEV” and Model Base Development to Support the Quality
Vice Corporate General Manager, Product Strategy Office
Senior Expert, EV Business Office
Assistant to Corporate General Manager, Development Engineering Office
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
2. GNI Event: The Tenth Conference of the Parties to the convention on Biological Diversity (COP10)
The Tenth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10) will be held from Oct, 18 to 29, 2010 following the fifth meeting of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties (COP-MPO5) in Nagoya Congress Center. Over 8,000 people from 193 parties (national governments), international organizations, NGOs etc. are expected to attend the conference, one of the largest in the field of the environment in Japan since United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP3) in Kyoto in 1997.
Above all, participants are going to validate the so-called “2010 Biodiversity Target” in which the parties to the Convention committed themselves to achieve by 2010 a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss at the global, regional and national level as a contribution to the poverty alleviation and to the benefit of all life on Earth, and formulate a new target in this conference. In that sense, this conference will make quite important for biological diversity, which is declining.
In parallel with the conference, Aichi-Nagoya COP10 CBD Promotion Committee is going to hold events where various sectors, including citizens, NGOs, universities and scientific community, business, local authorities, etc., can participate, exhibit, and interchange in Shiratori area adjacent to Nagoya Congress Center, EXPO 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park, and Sakae area, during COP10 along with other concurrent conferences and events organized by various sectors. Now English website is available to see the overall information of COP10, and all the details for the Interactive Fair for Biodiversity will be updated in this coming April. A marathon event called “Naturathron” will be held in mid October.
3. Event: Toyota Business Fair 2009 Dec 17-18
In order to revitalize Monozukuri Industry, Toyota city creates an opportunity for SME in Greater Nagoya to exhibit their advanced technologies and services and enhance the networks among SME. In a co-hosting situationm Japan-Germany PIUS Conference on Dec 17, and Open Innovation Matching 2009 in TOYOTA on Dec. 18 will be held respectively
[Toyota Business Fair 2009]
Date: December 17 (Thu) – 18 (Fri)
[December 17th Event Information]
Event: Japan-Germany PIUS Conference
Host organization: Toyota-city, Effizienz-Agentur NRW
Overall: The 8th Pius Conference is to discuss about how we can improve the process flow and contribute sustainable and economically maintained environment by analyzing material flow that is focusing processes.
[December 18th Event Information]
Event: Open Innovation Matching 2009 in Toyota
Contact: Toyota City, Industrial Department
Tel: +81 (0)565-34-6643
4. Report: AGRITECHNICA 2009 in Hanover, Germany

2009 GNI Booth
Greater Nagoya Initiative has participated in the AGRITECHNICA 2009 trade fair of Messegelände Hanover at Hanover, Germany from November 8 – 14 2009. During the exhibition, GNI members promoted the region in the GNI booth to provide efficient information for exhibitors and visitors seeking for business opportunities in Japan.
As representatives of Greater Nagoya, some companies and university professors related to agricultural businesses and technologies also participated in the mission, seeking for business or coalition possibilities with foreign companies. At the GNI booth, Minami Sangyo Co., Ltd, one of the participated companies presented a demonstration of Tofu-making and served them to attract exhibition visitors. Professors from Mie University exhibited Field Server System and Sommelier Robot (Tasting Robot) to show leading-edge agricultural technology and got many inquiries.
5. GNI Partners: Banrai Nabe Pot for Your Own Home-made Tofu


Banrai Nabe Pot for your Tofu

Cooking Tofu with Banrai Nabe designed by MINAMI SANGYO CO.,LTD is a perfect way to make your own special tofu.
The company also produces some other products besides a tofu hand-made cooking kit such as TOFU Manufacturing Machine, Soybean Milk Plant, TOFU Plant Automated Line, Daizu-Marugoto Tofu Manufacturing Machine.
With the Banrai nabe pot produced by Minami Sangyo Co.,ltd, Individuals will be able to cook their own tofu at home. With the small pot, soybean milk can be turned into tofu in 10 minutes. Banrai Brand has been providing the best possible soy products to customers in Japan and abroad since 1951. Based in Mie prefecture in Greater Nagoya, the company has total control of the quality of the three products; Banrai tonyu (soy milk), Banrai nabe (tofu cooking pot), Banrai shio (flavered salts)
Tsutomu Minamigawa, President said, “When I found my products in the Japanese restaurant located in New York, it made me happy for doing this business.”
To order the TOFU making set, contact below information.
Head office 3-18 Toshin-cho Yokkaichi, Mie 510-0025 Japan
Tel: 81-59-331-2158 / Fax: 81-59-331-7324
6. GNI Industrial Tour: International Students in GN Visit TMC Plant

Nagoya Institute of Technology Industrial Tour
Greater Nagoya Initiative designed an industrial tour to students from abroad in Nagoya Institute of Technology on November 28th.
The tour consisted of a business class (90 min.) and on-site tour to Toyota Motor Corporation Tsutsumi plant and Toyota Kaikan museum.
In this time, students at first learned about general information and industrial clusters in Greater Nagoya with a presentation and films. Some are comparing them with their own towns.
At the Toyota Motor Corporation Tsutsumi plant, students listened to a plant guide explained about the Toyota Production System such as Andon System, Kaizen activities, Visualization, etc.
Toyota Motor Corporation, Plant tour & Toyota Kaikan Museum:
Report: Industrial Tour for International Students in Greater Nagoya
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