Issue No.42 (November 2009)
1. Event: Agritechnica 2009 in Hanover, Germany (Nov 8-14)
2. GNI Activity: The International Trade Fair, MESSE NAGOYA 2009 (November 11-14)
3. 2009 AMIC Energy Storage and Saving Seminar
4. Success Story: Firstmarket, the Korean Trading company’s Establishment
5. Exhibition: Toyota Business Fair 2009
1. Event: AGRITECHNICA 2009 in Hanover, Germany (Nov 8-14)

AGRITECHNICA 2009 trade fair of Messe Hanover at Hanover, Germany from November 8-14.
Greater Nagoya Initiative will participate in the AGRITECHNICA 2009 trade fair of Messe Hanover at Hanover, Germany from November 8. During the exhibition of AGRITECHNICA 2009 from 8th to 14th, GNI will hold seminars in our booth to provide efficient information for exhibitors and visitors seeking for business opportunities in Japan.
Based on the highly skilled manufacturing clusters, the Greater Nagoya area in Japan has more potential opportunities for foreign countries for business expansion. You can get attractive information on not only advanced technologies by university professors, but also interesting demonstration of Tofu-making. Please stop by our booth at No.17B45 for information about agricultural-related technology and business in Japan, and you can also taste fresh tofu and other tasty snacks made by advanced technologies.
Date & Hours:        As per an attached schedule (approx. 30 min. / presentation)
Venue: Greater Nagoya Initiative Center / Exhibition Booth (No.17B45)
Agritechnica 2009 official website:
2. GNI Event: The International Trade Fair, MESSE NAGOYA 2009 (November 11-14)

MESSE NAGOYA at Port MESSE NAGOYA from November 11-14.
The international trade fair, “MESSE NAGOYA” will take place at Port MESSE NAGOYA from November 11-14.
This fair will aim at creating a gathering place or a business trading center for local SMEs in Greater Nagoya region. Greater Nagoya Initiative will set a booth to promote our activity and attract more partners to local companies to join the GNI partners club. The GNI Partners Club is for local companies to find a business alliance with an oversea company. The Messe Nagoya is also to serve as a place to make lively business exchanges for local vibrant companies and organizations that are proud of their competitive products, technologies and services. It was also great opportunity to show how Greater Nagoya is full of active Monozukuri technologies.
Many international organizations attended the fair such as UBI FRANCE, NRW Japan K.K., the Economic Development Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Germany. They will conduct their business-exchange activities in their own booths along with local companies in Greater Nagoya.
In this year, the theme of the trade fair was “Safety Security and Trust.” 45,530 people attended the fair last year. The Messe Nagoya made its debut in 2006, carrying on the philosophy of “Nature’s Wisdom”, the theme of the”2005 World Exposition, Aichi Japan” Reflecting needs of changing society and economy. Many SMEs with outstanding technologies will be gathering and conducting business exchanges at MESSE NAGOYA.
3. 2009 AMIC Energy Storage and Saving Seminar
2009 AMIC Energy Storage and Saving Seminar will take place in Yokkaichi, Mie.
Date & Time: Nov. 19, 2009, 13:30-16:00
Venue: AMIC (Advanced Materials Innovation Center), Yokkaichi, Mie
13:30-14:00: New Developments of Fraunhofer Institutes by
Dr. Lorenz GRANRATH, Representative of Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan
14:00-14:45: Battery Energy Storage and Conversion by
15:00-15:45: Energy Saving by Ceramics by
15:45-16:00: Closing Remarks
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (FhG) is the largest organization for applied research in Europe with 17,000 staff at more than 80 research units, including 60 Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany. We undertake applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprise and of wide benefit to society. Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan is its official representation in Japan and bridges between Fraunhofer Researchers and Japanese customers. GNI Mission 2007 led by Noro Mie Governor visited North Rhine-Westphalia and the institute. Since June 2008, Fraunhofer has a partnership with Mie Industry and Enterprises Support Center (MIESC) and has been collaborating with AMIC.
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (FhG):
4. Success Story: Firstmarket, the Korean Trading company’s Establishment
October, 2009, First Market (Head Office in Seoul, Korea), the Korean Trading company has established their Japan branch in Greater Nagoya region.
Representative Mr. An Jong Jin started its brand new business at IBSC incubation office in JETRO Nagoya office. Firstmarket treats beauty and health care goods such as facial soaps with wormwood (Artemisia), patches with felon herb, keratoid remover, and massage machines. Wormwood usually contains eupatilin and jaceosidin. Eupatilin is effective for gastritis, and jaceosidin has anticancer effects.
Established           October 2009
Office Location      Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0002 Japan
Business field        Retail Trade (beauty and health care goods)
“The reason I chose the region is that Greater Nagoya is the indicator of Japan’s market.” Mr. An said, “And it is accessible to any regions in Japan including Tokyo and Osaka.” He often visits various cities here for attending business matching meetings and exhibitions, and he thinks that the central region in Japan is the most convenient place to do the business.
First Market Official Site: (Japanese and Korean)
5. Exhibition: Toyota Business Fair 2009
In order to revitalize Monozukuri Industry, Toyota city creates an opportunity for SME in Greater Nagoya to exhibit their new technologies and services and enhance the networks. The event also offers “Open Innovation Matching 2009” on Dec. 18.
Date: December 17 (Thu) – 18 (Fri)
Contact: Toyota City, Industrial Department
Tel: +81 (0)565-34-6643
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