Issue No.45 (February 2010)
1. Event: Study Program – The Internationalization of HR
2. Event: Cross Cultural Education Options in Greater Nagoya
3. GNI Partners: Nagoya International Solicitor Office Boosts Globalization
4. Report: Greater Nagoya International Business Seminar Held in Tokyo
5. Report: Network Meeting for International Companies in Aichi-Nagoya 2010
6. Success Story: Leoni Wire & Cable Solutions Japan K.K. in Greater Nagoya
1. Event: Study Program – The Internationalization of HR
The study program: the Internationalization of HR: Why Japanese Companies must Change their HR Practices to Succeed will be held by the ACCJ Chubu Chapter External Affairs Committee.
DATE: Wednesday, February 17th
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
COST: Members 3,000 yen, Guests: 4,000yen *Speech will be in English.
Headsets for simultaneous Japanese translation cost 1,000yen.
VENUE: WINC Aichi (Aichi Industry and Labor Center) RM#1106
The changes in Japan¹s talent landscape and why it is necessary for Japanese companies to be more accepting of and attractive to international talent
Gone are the days when Japanese companies could send expats by the dozens and have them be the conduit between head office and their overseas subsidiaries. Globalization and demographics have transformed how the game is played and Japanese companies more than ever need to change and it starts with their human resources or talent strategies.
Go Yoshida is currently a Professor in the Office of International Strategic Planning at Nagoya University where he is responsible for helping the university internationalizes. His experience covers the entire human resource value chain from recruiting and selecting students for top universities on the front end and hiring them on the back end as a Human Resource manager for an investment bank and a multinational corporation. Go¹s passion and research specialization are in Career and Life Development and Strategic Human Resource Management. He holds a BS in Managerial Economics from the University of California, Davis, an MS in Educational Policy and Management from the University of Oregon, and an MS in Human Resources from Claremont Graduate University. He is an American citizen born of Japanese parents in Malaysia and have been working in Japan the past 3 years.
ORGANIZATION: The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
TEL: +81 52 229-1525 / FAX: +81 52 222-8272
NOTE: If you cancel after the stated deadline, the full meeting fee will be charged.
2. Event: Cross Cultural Education Options in Greater Nagoya
There are many challenges and opportunities presented to international families and this unique event will examine various options for educating children in a cross cultural context. This educational event will explain about how and were to educate children in Japan and how this will effect international parents’ long term options. Home schooling, local Japanese schools, International schools, and other options are all available choices. Please visit the casual seminar to hear what the experts say is best for your family living in Greater Nagoya.
It is organized by the Living in Chubu Committee of the ACCJ, and this two-hour event will start with a meet & greet including coffee and cookies and will provide an opportunity for attendees to meet the discussion panel followed by a panel discussion involving Rob Risch of Nagoya International School, George Pruit of Nagoya International Junior & Senior High School, Fleur Sweetman of St. George Academy and Bill Fugate of Laporte English. To bring a unique perspective to the discussion Erin Sakakibara will provide her experience & insight based on raising 4 bilingual/multicultural children. Following a short moderated discussion, there will be an extended time of Q&A with the audience followed by an opportunity to talk one on one with the panelists. The event provides international parents a chance to increase the knowledge of their educational options in Greater Nagoya, to hear different perspectives on the challenge of raising children in an international environment here in Greater Nagoya.
ORGANIZATION: The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
TEL: +81 52 229-1525 / FAX: +81 52 222-8272
DATE: Feb 27, (Sat) 14:00 – 16:00
VENUE: WINC Aichi RM #1209
COST: Free
3. GNI Partners: Nagoya International Solicitor Office Boosts Globalization
TAZAWA Mitsuru, a head of Nagoya International Solicitor Office, and certified immigration specialist, supports Greater Nagoya to be globalized. The office helps for procedures of company establishment and investment in Greater Nagoya region, immigration visa application procedures, international personnel management, employment consulting, social insurance/labor insurance/ aid application procedures, payroll calculation, establishment of working regulation and employment agreement in various languages.
The office supports foreign affiliated companies and services ranges are such as. 1). procedures of a company (office, branch) establishment, and incorporation procedures in Japan, and procedures of investment in Japan, 2) visa application on behalf of both investor and business manager, inter-company transfer visa, 3) procedures of an application in an official business permission, employment, a social insurance and labor management related processes. The office also takes care of immigration procedures complexity and social insurance related works for the global companies.
Currently Tawaza’s office accepts inquiries in English, Chinese, Korean as well as Portuguese besides Japanese, and has seven bilingual staffs working in the office. Tazawa has experienced working in the real estate company in California, U.S.
4. Report: Greater Nagoya International Business Seminar Held in Tokyo

Greater Nagoya International Business Seminar
The Greater Nagoya Initiative held an International Business seminar February 2, 2010 to promote foreign direct investment and alliances between overseas and Japanese companies within the Greater Nagoya region.
In the seminar, NII Yasuhito, Director, Trade and Investment Facilitation Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said “Japan is in the middle of recession, and therefore, Government, Industries, Academia all need to cooperate together to gain the stamina to overcome the depression era.”
NAKAJO Kazuya, Director, Invest Japan Division Japan External Trade Organization gave comments during his welcome speech that Greater Nagoya has been a frontier of being an governmental organization to indicate the example of how regional cooperation can be advantage of the region.
HIRAYAMA Tetsuo, General Manager, Greater Nagoya Initiative Center explained supporting services and a list of companies which the GNI supported so far. He also gave details of incentives and Investment Environments in Greater Nagoya.
YOSHINARI Junichi, Vice President / Development, ProLogis talked on th ProLogis Sustainable Distribution Facility Development in Greater Nagoya Market. MATSUI Tamotsu, President, SAMTECH Japan clearly explained why he decided to launch in Greater Nagoya and what kind of support he received from different organizations such as Greater Nagoya Initiative Center, The City of Nagoya, and JETRO Nagoya,
SAPHIN Craig, sales director, and MIZUHARA Maki, Director in Nagoya Office, Wall Street Associates K.K. explained what is the tendency in HR consultation business, or what kind of human resources the global companies are looking for in Greater Nagoya region.
Greater Nagoya is the area within 100km of the Nagoya Central Business District, including Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures. Buzzing with the manufacturing spirit of monozukuri (literally “the drive to create products of value”), we are home to a myriad of enterprises that give birth to creative and value-added products year after year.
This creative drive has manifested itself in a wide range of industrial clusters including Automotive, Aerospace, and Machine Tools. Also world leading industries such as Robotic and IT fields have developed, and the region is considered a distinct area for business investment.
The seminar for global companies already located in Japan was help for the very first time since the GNI organization started, Hope to realize the 3rd biggest metropolitan in Japan are their next choice for the business expansion.
5. Report: Network Meeting for International Companies in Aichi-Nagoya 2010

Network Meeting for International 
Companies in Aichi-Nagoya 2010,
As part of its annual business networking meeting, especially for global companies in Greater Nagoya, Aichi-Nagoya International Business Access Center (I-BAC) organized a 7th “Network Meeting.
“Network Meeting for International Companies” on February 10, 2010 at Marriot Hotel was aiming  to  provide foreign companies operating in Aichi-Nagoya area with an opportunity to meet representatives of other foreign companies as well as of local enterprises, exchange business information with them, and hopefully explore new business possibilities in the region. This year’s meeting attracted a record-setting 191 participants.
At the “seminar,” the first half of the meeting, UCHIDA Toshihiro, Economist, Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co., Ltd., delivered a lecture titled “Current situation and outlook of Japan and Tokai economy.” MATSUI Tamotsu, President, SAMTECH Japan spoke on the company and how the Greater Nagoya, city of Nagoya, and JETRO Nagoya individually played their roles for supporting the company’s start-up.
6. Success Story: Leoni Wire & Cable Solutions Japan K.K. in Greater Nagoya
Leoni, the leading provider of cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, establishes the Leoni WCS Japan K.K. This new entity combines activities of the Wire & Cable Solutions division (WCS) of Leoni in the Japanese market and will lead to an expansion of the previous business via a local office in Greater Nagoya.
For several years, Leoni has been developing its business in Japan through own projects and co-operations. With the foundation of the new Leoni WCS Japan K.K. company, several activities, which have formerly been driven independently, will be bundled in a local sales office. The new subsidiary’s objectives are to strengthen and enhance existing projects as well as to establish new business in different markets.
The company started on 4 January 2010, business operations initially focus on the Healthcare and Industrial Solutions business units, the latter comprising robotic, machinery, automation & drives. Leoni’s agents in the area of robotics have already made business since 1999, dealing with companies like Fanuc, Honda, Kyouchou, Futaba Industrial or Fuji Assembly. Leoni also intends to extend its existing Japanese activities in the field of automotive cables, solar, fiber optics and copper solutions. The article was provided by Leoni Webiste:
The office will be located in the city of Nagoya, but it is not decided yet, and company registration tool place with the address of JETRO Nagoya IBSC incubation address.
Leoni Official Website:
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