ACCJ Pre-walkathon GNI industrial tour in Gifu

Report: Pre-Walkathon GNI Industrial Tour in Gifu

After the pre-walkathon welcome reception, the ACCJ members visited Shiraki Brewery factory (Gifu-city), Great Buddha (Gifu-city),and the Nagara river for cormorant fishing (Gifu-city), as GNI industrial tour in May 21st 2011.








Ms. Shigeri Shiraki, the 7th owner of the Shiraki Brewery factory showed how they advanced their overseas business with the product “Daruma masamune” to the U.S and Italy.








At the sake factory, the ACCJ governers and Chubu memebers hearing the story of how to make the aged-sake.








Tour at Gifu Great Buddha







Ms. Watanabe, assistant manager, Greater Nagoya Initiative Center explains on the GNI activities and thank for the cooperation between ACCJ Chubu and GNI relationship they built in the last fisical year, 2010.








Mr. Yasuda, Chief officer, Gifu Pref government, explaining on industrial and economic trend in Gifu Pref.








ACCJ Governers and Chubu members








After the Industrial tour, The ACCJ members were heading over to the cormorant fishing viewing boat bording area.