GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE Newsletter    Issue No.33 (February 2009)

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This GNI Newsletter provides event information and latest news of economy, industry and culture in Greater Nagoya region.

1. Tourism: Town of Water, Historical District – Gujo-city Hachiman area
2. Report: Invitation Program – Australia Travel Agents Visit Ski Resorts in GN
3. News: Mitsubishi Regional Jet R&D Center locates next to Nagoya Airport in GN
4. Report: Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF) on Feb 4th 2009
5. Business Event: Network Meeting for Foreign-Affiliated Companies 2009
1. Tourism: Town of Water, Historical District – Gujo-city Hachiman area

Tapped mineral water is                             Green Tea at Cafe Machiya Saito                   Japanese style lantern



available everywhere in town
Gujo-city Hachiman district is one of the most old-styled preserved tourist area in Greater Nagoya. Around that area, people can expect to be immersed in an authentic small town Japanese experience that is unique to an “off the beaten path” town. The essential element in this town is “water.” Since Gujo Hachiman is located in a valley where three fast running rivers meet, the Yoshida, Nagara, and the Kodara Rivers, all of which flow from the surrounding mountains. The town is famous throughout Japan for its pristine running water and for maintaining traditional ecological practices that have kept the water running through the town exceptionally clean for centuries. Visitors from all over the country come to enjoy the pure mineral water that flows from every tap in town. The clean, fast running water also means good food and drink for residents and visitors alike as ayu (Japanese sweet fish), soba and sake all depend on water for flavor. Walking around the Gujo-city Hachiman district and hearing the sound of water going through the corridor is great way to spend a half day in your trip.

Gujo hachiman Info:
Sample Kobo (Food Sample Studio): (Japanese Only)
Café Machiya Saito: (Japanese Only)
2. Report: Invitation Program – Australia Travel Agents Visit Ski Resorts in Greater Nagoya
Travel Agencies from Australia, Pitt Travel and Orbitz Worldwide, and a publication company based in Tokyo, Outdoor Japan Inc. have visited ski resorts in Greater Nagoya region from Feb. 1 to 4 to observe the winter resorts in Greater Nagoya, and attract Australian tourists. Visitors are Hiroshi Kasuga, marketing manager of Japan of Orbitz Worldwide, Daisuke Mizukoshi, managing director of Pitt Travel, Angie Takanami, assistant editor, Outdoor Japan Inc.
During the invitational program, they have visited three ski resorts: Takasu Snow Park, Dynaland, Washigatake Ski Resort to see the ski areas, and some of them have actually tried snowboarding. They have also participated two business-matchings exchange meetings, and attended Greater Nagoya Initiative Invitation Program -Welcome meeting to understand about the organization and tourism resources in Gifu area in Greater Nagoya, and the meeting was focusing on Tourism & Ski Resorts. The tourist areas they have visited during their stay were Gujo-city Hachiman area, historical districts: Oota Juku in Minokamo City, and Unumajyuku Machiyakan, Aerospace and Science Museum, and Aqua Totto Gifu (freshwater aquarium) in Kakamigahara city.
At the final day in the program, “Visit Greater Nagoya” seminar took place in the Gifu Grand Hotel, and about 80 people, related to tourism in Greater Nagoya region, attended in the seminar. Shintaro Koizumi of J Mountains Group Ltd, conducted a panel discussion, and three people; Misukoshi, Kasuga, and Koizumi provided effective information on how to attract foreign tourists when they were asked questions by participants.
Washigatake Ski Resort: (Japanese only)
3. News: Mitsubishi Regional Jet R&D Center locates next to Nagoya Airport in Greater Nagoya
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has decided to establish its aerospace research and development facility next to the Nagoya airport owned by Aichi prefecture. This R&D center will technically support the development and production of MRJ, initial regional Jet produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd as a National project.
The local business community and the prefecture, who have promoted activities of the organization to the Greater Nagoya region, anticipate that the facility will be the basis for building an aerospace industry that will play a role in this region. The R&D facility will be located in 2 hectares of land, which was bought by Aichi prefecture and located right next to the Nagoya airport. The facility will start operating around 2011 spring. The MRJ is a 70 – 90 seat aircraft, made in Japan, and is a regional jet of next generation. The traits of MRJ are that economic efficiency of fuel cost reduction by 30 % and low noise operation. MRJ has a flight range of 1639 km (1018 miles). Plans are in place to start operation from 2013. The development cost for the jet is about 150 -200 billion yen.
This R&D Center will conduct studies for advanced technology such as operating system and performance assessment of devices equipped in the Jet.
MRJ Official Website:
4. Report: Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF) on February 4th 2009
Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF), which aims at promoting automotive embedded system industry in Greater Nagoya region, held a forum on Feb 4th and shared industrial trends and latest information among participated companies. Speech and seminar are provided by representatives from Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Toyota Motor Corporation, etc. for their cutting-edge technologies and current trends. During the period of this event, two global companies, GlobalLogic, Inc. and ACTIA China from China, visited Greater Nagoya region and participated in the forum and a network party to seek business partners.
Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF) Official Website: (Japanese only)

5. Business Event: Network Meeting for Foreign-Affiliated Companies held by I-BAC
As part of its annual business networking meeting, especially for global companies in Greater Nagoya, Aichi-Nagoya International Business Access Center (I-BAC) will organize a 6th “Network Meeting for Foreign-Affiliated Companies” at the Nagoya Kanko hotel on Friday, February 13, 2009. This event, aiming at enhancing connections for foreign companies with counterparts in Aichi prefecture and Nagoya city area, will help representatives to get to know people from foreign companies as well as learn about the current status of local enterprises and industries.
The first half of the event will be lecture in which Julian Bashore, Representative Director of Bodycote Japan K.K.. Japan Office, the thermal processing SBU, will talk to on “Why Aichi is focused now” and Hideo Hayakawa, branch office manager of Bank of Japan, Nagoya Branch will talk on “Economic Outlook 2009” For further details. Contact for further details:
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