GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE Newsletter Issue No.34 (March 2009)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities
This GNI Newsletter provides event information and latest news of economy, industry and culture in Greater Nagoya region.

1. Environment: News Energy Sources Park – Aichi Rinku New Energy Research Area
2. Advancement: Setakagi Kogyo Japan Branch (Magnate Technology Co., Ltd)
3. Infrastructure: International Associations to Support Foreign Nationals
4. Traditional Industry: Wedding Dress Made of Mino-washi
5. GNI Website: Updated Information on Website
6. Event: The 10 th Flower Dome 2009 in Greater Nagoya

1. Environment: News Energy Sources Park – Aichi Rinku New Energy Research Area
Aichi prefecture built a research and experience-based park to demonstrate regional power grid with various new energy sources near Chubu International Airport. The park was built based on the philosophy and results of Expo 2005. Now visitors can tour various energy-related facilities, such as the Concentrator Photovoltaic System (CPV), the Multi-crystalline silicon type photovoltaic power generation system, the Amorphous silicon-type photovoltaic power generation system, and the Bifacial single crystalline silicon type photovoltaic power generation system. Visitors can also try fuel-cell vehicles.

Concentrator Photovoltaic System made by Daido Steel Co., Ltd Multicrystalline silicon type photovoltaic power Generation system Small fuel-cell Vehicle for demonstration

The Concentrator Photovoltaic System (CPV) is an innovative photovoltaic power system, which attracts a lot of attention nowadays as a clean energy source. The CPV system is a high concentration photovoltaic power generation system using Fresnel Lenses or Rod lenses. This type of solar power system is a promising technology expected to provide a solution to the problem of silicon shortages [Do you mean a power shortage? I’ve not heard of a silicon shortage]. The power generating energy efficiency of CPV is higher than regular photovoltaic power generation systems. Therefore, the CPV system is considered to be preferable in comparatively dry districts with long sunshine hours (Light is scattered much less under low-humidity conditions).

Other example is the Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell (PEFC). PEFC is a clean technology that generates electricity and heat by a chemical reaction between hydrogen obtained from fuel and oxygen in the air and can reduce great amount of CO2 compared to traditional systems. For further information, please check the website below.
Aichi Rinku New Energy Research Area: (Japanese Only)
Daido Steel Co., Ltd.:
Isuzu Glass’s Concentrator Photovoltaic System Introduction:

2. Advancement: Setakagi Kogyo Japan Branch (Magnate Technology Co., Ltd)
A manufacturing company located in Southern Taiwan to make main precision machine spare pats, Sekatagi Kogyo, (Magnate Technology Co., Ltd) took first step to expand their business overseas in Greater Nagoya. The reason that the company decided Greater Nagoya area to launch, said chairman Young Hsieh, is because of the Aerospace industries that are here in Greater Nagoya, and because many of my Japanese friends are from Greater Nagoya.
The company established their sales and marketing base as a Japan branch in Greater Nagoya in December 2008. It has been manufacturing machinery equipment, and their business partners in Japan include Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Food & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (Nagoya city) and Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. The company’s revenue in 2008 was US$ 1.6 billion, and 60% of their sales came from Japanese companies. The company targets sales of US$ 1.8 billion in 2009. The total number of employees is about 250 people currently. Hsieh said in a press conference, “We will make an effort to take orders to manufacture parts for Mitsubishi Regional Jets.”
The three reasons for companies to launch a branch in Japan: (1) to expand their businesses since many of their clients are Japanese companies, (2) to improve company service, providing immediate responses in customer services, (3) to reinforce the relationship with Japanese clients.
Setakagi Kogyo (Magnate Technology):
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Food & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.:

3. Infrastructure: International Associations to Support Foreign Nationals
International Associations in general promote various programs to help foreign people living in the community to understand different cultures and living habits, and to create a society in which people respect each other. Various services from organizations of International Associations include providing easily accessible information to foreign people who need assistance in their daily life. The International Associations organized by local governments and municipalities make efforts to make this area more attractive and convenient to residents and open to the public, as well as to meet the expectations of residents by providing information on the area and from around the world.
Some of the International Associations located in Greater Nagoya
-Aichi International Association:
-Gifu International Center:
-The Mie International Exchange Foundation:
-Nagoya International Center :

4. Traditional Industry: Wedding Dress Made of Mino-washi Paper

A pink wedding dress made of Minowashi Paper People can hear the sound of papers rubbing against.

Keiko Ichihara, a owner of Gallery Minoshimai has so far created 19 wedding dresses with Minowashi Japanese paper. A woman from Mino-city held her wedding ceremony last year with the pink paper wedding dress. The dress was so gorgeous that nobody recognized it was made with papers. On the local newspaper, she described that the dress was very light and supple so she could hear unique sound of papers slightly when she walked.
Gallery Minoshimai:”>

Display and sales of Paper made wedding dress Tel: 81-575-35-2822
5. GNI Website: Updated Information on Website
Three sections on Greater Nagoya Initiative Website have been improved. The latest news window on the front page has enlarged and now you can view more than 10 of the latest news items at the same time. See
Under Newsletter section, now site visitors are able to see some images and photos of GNI events or advanced technologies, or preserved tradition in their area. Under the same category, people are able to apply for the subscription to receive the GNI newsletter.
Furthermore, the GNI movies, “100 Voices”, which shows each representative from companies answer to the questions such as how they choose this area to expand their businesses, and how Greater Nagoya Initiative’s supports helped them.
Please visit GNI Movies from the icon on the left side of the front page to see new people to talk about this economic area.

6. Event: The 10 th Flower Dome 2009 in Greater Nagoya, The Life with Full of Flower
The 10th Flower Dome 2009 – Aichi Flower Festival / Nagoya International Orchids Exhibition is held at Nagoya Dome from March. 12 (Thru) to 18 (Web) based on the theme, “the Life with Full of Flowers and Green.” This flower exhibition, which Aichi flower festa and Nagoya International Orchids Exhibition joined is one of the biggest green event in Japan, and it counts 10th in this year. During the exhibition, about 50 thousands flowers from different countries will be decorated in the dome.

Ecuagenera attended from Ecuador Individual Exhibitor

[Central and South American Orchids]
Orchids of Latin American, “Epidendrum” bloom like bouquet, and colors such as red, pink, and oranges are enjoyable.

Epidendrum series

[Plants of South Africa]

The cape plant Sanctuary in South Africa is a paradise of the flowers that more than 8000 kinds of plants including about 5000 kinds of indigenous species. Those South African flower field will be reproduced in the exhibition

[Flower Demonstration]
The floral designer from Spain, Daniel Santamaria, demonstrates original techniques on March 14and 15.

Eatable Flower Deserts

Ticket: 1,800 yen / adult, 1,200 yen / students
Open: 9:30 – 17:00
Access: Take a subway Meijo Line to Nayoga Dome Mae Yada. Walk 5 minutes to the Nagoya Dome
Official website: (Japanese Only)