GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE Newsletter Issue No.30 (November 2008)

GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE Newsletter  Issue  No.30 (November 2008)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

1. Event: electronica 2008 in Munich, Germany (Nov 11-14)

2. Event: Invest Japan Symposium 2008 in London, UK (Nov 14)

3. Report: Nagoya Eco Clean Car Fair 2008 at Port Messe Nagoya (Nov 7-9)

4. Culture: Taste of Greater Nagoya; The Nagoya-Meshi

1. Event: electronica 2008 in Munich, Germany (Nov 11-14)

Greater Nagoya Initiative will participate in the electronica 2008 trade fair of Messe Munich at Munich, Germany from November 11 to 14. At this time, 6 people are scheduled to participate, including Tetsuo Hirayama, the General Manager of Greater Nagoya Initiative Center. One of our main activities there will be promoting the Greater Nagoya region for global investment. Target organizations will be mostly exhibitors at the show who are certain to be interested in international cooperation or looking for new markets and business partners in Japan, particularly in Greater Nagoya.

We will explore the business market around Europe and try to find the companies interested in finding suppliers, subcontractors or cooperation partners, expanding their already existing contacts, and needing reliable backup on entering new markets in Japan. For nearly 5 years, Greater Nagoya Initiative has supported various companies, mostly manufacturing firms, on their way to the global markets in Greater Nagoya. If you want to find away to start developing your business in Asian continent – we have a great market, many opportunities, and excellent leading companies in the region. Our mission is to provide you with an individual one-stop solution.

Greater Nagoya Initiative Booth at electronica 2008 is Hall A6 Booth 166. Please stop by for more information about your potential business market.

electronica 2008 official website:

2. Event: Invest Japan Symposium 2008 in London, UK (Nov 14)

Invest Japan Symposium 2008 organized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, UK Trade & Investment, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) will take place on Nov 14th, (Fri) 2008 at The Institution of Engineering and Technology (2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL)

Masaharu Shibata, Chairman of Greater Nagoya Initiative Center, will speak on a keynote promoting foreign direct investment into Japan by setting a target to make the stock value of FDI reach around 5% of the GDP by the end of 2010.

There is no doubt that East Asia will thrive as a driving force in the global economy in the years to come, making Japan the strategic base for the region. It is also necessary to develop understanding amongst the key decision makers in businesses about the current attractions of the Japanese economy. The U.K. and Japan are now celebrating the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Based on the highly skilled manufacturing that both economies have as their roots, both countries have been building and will continue to build a firm partnership in creating new value through innovations in the global economy. By presenting opportunities in the regions and the attractions of Japan as the gateway to Asia, Greater Nagoya hopes to raise awareness in British leading business executives of Japan as the venue for creating new value.

3. Report: Nagoya Eco Clean Car Fair 2008 at Port Messe Nagoya (Nov 7-9)

NAGOYA ECO CLEAN CAR FAIR 2008 took place on November 7-9, 2008 at Port Messe Nagoya. A comprehensive exhibition of environment-friendly technologies was held in the center of the automobile industry. A wide range of auto-related enterprises took this opportunity to exhibit their cutting-edge technologies and up-dated environmentally-friendly products. Exhibitors included 30 companies from overseas (U.S.A, Canada, France, Germany, etc), and business-matches with local companies in the Greater Nagoya region were arranged at the fair. Various companies had chances to exchange information and established the business networks that will be led to future relationships.

Environmental concerns caused by motor vehicles are a major problem that people need to solve. Greater Nagoya has taken this opportunity at the Nagoya Eco Clean Car Fair 2008 to show what kind of technologies can lead to solutions for now and into the future. The participating companies demonstrated advanced technologies for environmental protection and reducing CO2 emissions. The fair was designed to help stimulate replacement demand for fuel-efficient and low-emissions cars and to expand the business market for related products. This fair also bolstered innovation in environmental protection technologies for vehicles.

Nagoya Eco Clean Car Fair 2008:

4. Culture: Taste of Greater Nagoya; The Nagoya-Meshi

Greater Nagoya is not only a home of manufacturing industry, but also the home of unique local dishes that would substantially represent one of Japan’s tastes. Many dishes have been invented in Greater Nagoya since the area is just in the middle of Japan, where East and West of Japanese culture crosses. Then, a few years later, those local foods created in Greater Nagoya start spreading and being adopted nationwide because of those sensational tastes. These local foods are commonly called Nagoya-meshi (Nagoya’s local food), and today those dishes amuse great popularity all over Japan. Typical Nagoya-meshi includes hitsu-mabushi (grilled eel cut into small pieces served over rice. First, it is eaten as served, but condiments such as green onion, wasabi paste, or shredded seaweed can be added next and to finish, hot broth is poured over like rice-soup), misonikomi-udon (Thick wheat noodles cooked in broth flavored with miso “fermented soybean paste”), miso-katsu (pork cutlet with a miso-based sauce), tebasaki (deep-fried spicy chicken wings with black pepper), Nagoya Cochin (Nagoya’s original breed of chicken), kishimen (flat and wide noodle in the soy sauce based soup), tenmusu (rice ball with shrimp tempura wrapped in the center), ebifuryaa (Giant deep-fried shrimp. ) Those are all originated from Greater Nagoya. How many dishes have you already experienced? If you have not tried them yet, visit Greater Nagoya and explore the Nagoya-meshi. You may find the spirit of Greater Nagoya in our food culture, and that is “the drive to create products of value.”

Visually “taste” the Nagoya-meshi here:

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