GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE Monthly Newsletter Issue No.31 (December 2008)

GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE Monthly Newsletter Issue No.31 (December 2008)
Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities
1. Industry: Innovation of Carbon Fiber in Greater Nagoya
2. News: Three Nobel Prize Winner 2008 produced in Greater Nagoya (Dec 10)
3. Entertainment: Odensha, Drinking Party Streetcar in Greater Nagoya
4. Entertainment: Winter Illumination at Nabana no Sato, Nagashima Resort
5. Report: Promoting Greater Nagoya at Invest Japan Symposium 2008 in London, UK (Nov 14)
6. Report: Greater Nagoya Initiative PR-activity in electronica 2008 in Munich, Germany (Nov 11-14)
1. Industry: Innovation of Carbon Fiber in Greater Nagoya
More aerospace industry will be advanced in Greater Nagoya region. Japan’s local companies are now developing its technology of Carbon Fiber. Toray Industries, Inc. has recently established “Automotive Center (AMC)” in Greater Nagoya (Nagoya city), and President & CEO Sadayuki Sakakibara said that he would like to take their new technologies outside of Japan. They will focus on “automobile and aircraft” applications to apply carbon fiber materials.
A Carbon Fiber is a carbon material having a micro graphite crystal structure made by fibrillation of Acrylic resin, a well known textile material, or from oil/coal pitch and then by being given a certain heat treatment. It is not only used for aircraft or and automobiles, but also for high speed railway train or big blades of wind power generation. Moreover, in near future, the carbon fiber reinforced plastics are expected to be used for building materials and constructions. More information can be found in below site.
The Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association:
2. News: Three Nobel Prize Winners 2008 from Greater Nagoya (Dec 10)
Three 2008 Nobel Prize winners are from Greater Nagoya. Toshihide Masukawa, Kyoto Sangyo University, Makoto Kobayashi, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), who won the Nobel Prize in Physics and Osamu Shimomura, Boston University, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry established their foundations as scientists in thier early days in Nagoya University of Greater Nagoya. Masukawa and Kobayashi were born and grew up in Greater Nagoya region, and Shimomura received his MBA in Nagoya University. Kobayashi won about 35 million yen and Shimomura won more than 46 million yen. Nobel Prize Award takes place in December 10 in Stockholm.
Greater Nagoya has provided excellent environment for such scientists to become dedicated to their research. The sprit of research and innovation run strong in Greater Nagoya. Masukawa and. Universities for science and technology in Greater Nagoya area:
Nobel Prize Official Website:
3. Entertainment: Odensha, Drinking Party Streetcar in Greater Nagoya
Winter “Odensha” has appeared to Toyohashi city in Greater Nagoya this year again, which is drinking party service on its streetcar line. Recently streetcars as locals’ transportations disappeared when the infrastructure in Greater Nagoya was modernized. But the nostalgic streetcars are still effectively reused as entertainment tools for locals and tourists. Oden is a traditional Japanese hodgepodge dish for winter seasons. Various ingredients such as soybean curd, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, pieces of konjak jelly, Japanese radish, fishcakes, octopus, etc. are boiled together in a large pot with a soup seasoned with soy sauce and dried bonito flakes. When it’s ready to eat, a little bit of hot mustard gives it a good kick.
“Odensha” means a hodgepodge dish enjoyed in a train with beer or Japanese rice wine while Karaoke performers enliven the trip while it goes around Toyohashi Town. The streetcar leaves Toyohashi station at 6:25 P.M., slowly navigating its way through the 9.4 kilometer round trip while the passengers have fun with the streetcar. Each party car holds 15 to 26 people, and as the name Odensha indicates, passengers enjoy eating hot oden while they are on a train.
Parties runs until January 31st , individual seats 3,000 yen (includes meal and a couple of beers) are available by reservation system, and it can be booked via phone at 0532-53-2135. A reservation for entire train car costs 75,000 yen. In additional information, during summer, the streetcars would turn into beer party cars.
(Japanese only)
4. Entertainment: Winter Illumination at Nabana no Sato, Nagashima Resort
Winter illuminations in Greater Nagoya are worth seeing at many locations in the region. Especially Nabana no sato, a resort facility, offers huge-scaled lighting decoration such as a120 meter long and 5 meter wide illumination river, which stands for three major rivers of Greater Nagoya. ,
Also the corridor of 300 meters illumination tunnel with 1.9 million lights is a recommended spot. One of the immense oasis creates a harmony among illuminations, abundant nature and rich facilities. In the giant greenhouse “Andes Flower Garden/Begonia Garden”, potted flowers are cultivated and displayed year-round, and you can enjoy the garden courtyard and open-air bath in the onsen facility. A full range of gourmet facilities, such as a beer garden with local beers, is also offered. Admission2,000 yen (includes 1,000 yen “Nabana” coupon)
5. Report: Invest Japan Symposium 2008 in London, UK (Nov 14)



Photo: Masaharu Shibata, Chairman of Greater Nagoya Initiative, promotes Greater Nagoya area at Invest Japan Symposium 2008 London, England

As one of the events which celebrates Japan and UK’s 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations, Invest Japan Symposium 2008 organized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, UK Trade & Investment, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) took place on Nov 14th, (Fri) 2008 in London, UK.


Masaharu Shibata, Chairman of Greater Nagoya Initiative, took an important role of promoting foreign direct investment into Greater Nagoya and Japan. More than 200 participants from global firms and governmental organizations based in Britain who are interested in Japan’s business market gathered at the networking reception and exchanged their information.

Greater Nagoya hopes to raise awareness in British leading business executives of Japan as the venue for creating new value.





6. Report: electronica 2008 in Munich, Germany (Nov 11-14)
Greater Nagoya Initiative participated in the electronica 2008 trade fair of Messe Munich at Munich, Germany from November 11 to 14. Six GNI members participated, including Tetsuo Hirayama, the General Manager of Greater Nagoya Initiative Center. One of our main activities was promoting the Greater Nagoya region for global investment.



Photo: “electronica 2008,” the trade fair of Messe Munich, at Germany from Nov 11-14 ’08

Target organizations were mostly exhibitors at the show who are interested in international cooperation or looking for new markets and business partners in Japan, particularly in Greater Nagoya.

We explored business market around Europe and identified companies (more than 70 global companies) interested in finding suppliers, subcontractors or cooperation partners, expanding their already existing contacts, and needing reliable backup on entering new markets in Japan. For nearly 5 years, Greater Nagoya Initiative has supported various companies, mostly manufacturing firms, on their way to the global markets in Greater Nagoya. If you want to find away to start developing your business in Asian continent, Greater Nagoya have a great market, many opportunities, and excellent leading companies in the region. Our mission is to provide you with an individual one-stop solution. Please take a look at GNI’s supporting services.
electronica 2008 official website:



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