GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE Newsletter Issue No.28 (September 2008)

GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE Newsletter Issue No.28 (September 2008)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities
1. Report: NRW Delegation Visit Greater Nagoya (Sep 3)
2. Report : GNI PR Activity at Japan’s Exposition of Analytical Instruments and Solutions (Sep 3, 4)
3. Event: PR Activity at Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2008  (Oct 1-5)
4. Event: Discover Nagoya DNA – Nagoya Super Citizen All Stars Meeting (Oct 2)
5. Entertainment: International Ceramics Festival 08 MINO in GIFU Aug 1 Sep 30
6. Greater Nagoya Initiative Website Updated Information
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1. Report: North Rhine-Westphalia Delegation Visit Greater Nagoya (Sep 3)
Delegation members from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, arrived in Greater Nagoya on Sep 03. Members of the delegation include Mr. Karl-Uwe Butof (Head of Department for State Development Policy, Industry, Services, Clusters Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia), Dr. Peter Scholz (Director, Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia), Mr. Georg K. Loeer (NRW Japan K.K.) and other 7 members. Members were welcomed by Kanji Kurioka, a member of Executive Committee of Greater Nagoya Initiative Center, to the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Mr. Butof expressed his gratitude for the GNI mission delegation to have visited Düsseldorf in November 2007. “At this time, some of our delegation members are from private companies in NRW region, and I hope in this mission, they would get interested in Greater Nagoya region for their business expansions,” Mr. Butof said.
North Rhine-Westphalia is a largest federal state of Germany and its capital city is Düsseldorf. In November 2007, Kurioka visited Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia as part of a GNI Europe mission and held a business seminar with members of North Rhine-Westphalia to share activities of respective regions. At this time, Kurioka has received a courtesy call back by the members of NRW. “North Rhine-Westphalia and Greater Nagoya have similar aspects regarding our industrial and geographical structures,” Kurioka said. He also told the delegation that one of the activities Greater Nagoya is emphasizing currently is concerning environment and energy. “Greater Nagoya has been promoting the international trade fair, Messe Nagoya. In this year, our focus is not only on environmental protection, but also on environment and energy.”
North Rhine-Westphalia Regional Information:
2. Report: GNI PR Activity at Japan’s Exposition of Analytical Instruments and Solutions (Sep 3, 4)
On Sept 3-5, 2008, Japan’s Exposition of Analytical Instruments and Solutions took place at Makuhari Messe, Japan. Greater Nagoya Initiative members went to the exposition site on Sep 3 and 4 to promote the Greater Nagoya region for 30 selected foreign companies who are considering starting their businesses in Japan. The GNI members who conducted the PR activity were participated from several municipalities, and they brought brochures and explained the strengths of the Greater Nagoya region, what kind of industrial clusters are concentrated in the region. The members also took a survey asking whether those companies are interested in the region.
Japan’s Exposition of Analytical Instruments and Solutions (JAIMA) is one of the world leading events on analytical technology and instruments and has a total of more than 20,000 visitors in the 4 years since 2004 and this year has 287 exhibitors. GNIC has already started follow-up activities such as contacting the persons in charge of each company and analyzing survey results. Out of 30 foreign companies, GNI already has gotten several responses and one company has asked for further information details on the region. In this activity, even though the topic of the analytical instruments and solutions requires specialized knowledge and difficult to communicate within the industry, members who participated in the PR activity were able to cooperate and conduct their meetings.
Japan‘s Exposition of Analytical Instruments and Solutions:
3. Event: GNI PR Activity at Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2008 (Oct 1-5)
Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2008 will take place from October 1 through 5, 2008, at Pacifico Yokohama. With a focus on the aerospace related business in the world, this event has been marking the 12th of its series this year and aims to create a gathering place in for aerospace industry to show and exchange their leading-edge products, technologies and information.
Greater Nagoya Initiative will have five exhibition booths. Booths are divided into three areas; we will exhibit attractions in the Greater Nagoya region and industrial clusters in the Greater Nagoya, a cluster of aerospace industry in the region and aerospace related projects by the specific region. In the GNI area, our members will conduct GNI PR activity to promote foreign direct investment and alliances between overseas and Japanese companies.
Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2008:
4. Event: Discover Nagoya DNA – Nagoya Super Citizen All Stars Meeting Oct 2
Nagoya Super Citizen All Stars Meeting will take place on October 2 (Thu) at Nadia Park 3^rd Floor Design Hall. The Nagoya Metropolitan Area is quite famous as the center of the manufacturing industry that supports the economic superpower of Japan. It is a time for the Nagoya Metropolitan Area, one of the vibrant areas in Japan to reaffirm the origin of manufacturing industry and put the lifestyle, cultures or wisdom of our pioneers into practice, and take actions for the future.
This time, among a number of pioneers, Muneharu Tokugawa – a civic leader who had lived some 300 years ago – is selected as the origin of the “creating values of Nagoya.” And In this Nagoya Super Citizen All Stars Meeting, participants will discuss to seek values, goods, and ideas created by the people of Nagoya that are inherited from Muneharu’s concept; appreciation for “pleasures of creations.”
Nagoya Super Citizen All Stars Meeting: (Japanese only)
5. Event: International Ceramics Festival ’08 MINO in GIFU Aug 1 – Sep 30
International Ceramic Festival ’08 MINO in GIFU is held at Ceramic Park MINO in Greater Nagoya region from Aug. 1 to Sep 30. One of the biggest exhibitions in the festival is the 8th international ceramic competition, and 192 ceramic art works selected from 3,284 pieces collected from 56 countries, and ceramic pieces are exhibited in the huge space at the festival venue. Visitors are able to take a close look of each of 192 pieces of art and feel the textures and explore their uses. The best pieces will be given awards.
Mino area in Gifu is known as a historical ceramic zone where good solids traditional craft man’s skills are ensured. In the festival, visitors can enjoy tasting local Japanese rice wine “sake” produced in Mino region with the rice wine cup made of Mino ceramic. Also at the MINO Antique Market from Sep 8 (Mon) to 12 (Fri), collectors and enthusiasts of Mino ceramic wares will be very excited by the extensive range of goods. With the focus on Mino-ware, a wide variety of ceramic dishes are offered for sale at reasonable prices.
Inter National Ceramic Festival ’08 MINO in GIFU Official website:
6. Greater Nagoya Initiative Website Updated Info
From September, three technical and layout issues in Greater Nagoya Initiative Website have been improved. The first updated page is a front page, and now the latest news box is set on the front page to navigate website visitors directly to updated information and latest news in the whole website.
GNI Website front page
Under Newsletter section, site visitors are able to read the latest monthly newsletter anytime, and under the same category , people are able to apply for the subscription to receive the GNI newsletter. The newsletters now can show you picture images of Greater Nagoya cultures, events, also activities conducted by Greater Nagoya Initiative members.
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