PRISMADD launched in Greater Nagoya

PRISMADD launched in Greater Nagoya


Through a joint venture with Nagoya based Japanese company YAMAICHI-HAGANE specialized in special steel supply and machining, it preserves its main asset: to

Prismadd Japan Opening Event


propose the delivery of a completely finished part after manufacturing, heat treatment, machining and control. PRISMADD hopes therefore to be a part of the Japanese aeronautics’ revival through the project Mitsubishi MRJ: Japanese airplane which made its first flight in November 2015.

PRISMADD Japan’s open ceremony took place on Feb. 2nd Tuesday in the offices of YAMAICHI-HAGANE in Nagoya.

PRISMADD is a company specialized in metal and plastic additive manufacturing for promising high-value business markets, such as aeronautics, spatial, nuclear, armament, oil, automobile, etc.
At present, the group has four production sites in France. Thanks to a high technology offer and a production line completely mastered, it could compete with companies relatively strong in the field. Bringing together the competences of several companies, it offers an overall offer completely integrated and dedicated to the realization of simple or very complex parts. PRISMADD’s offer extends from material production for additive manufacturing (3DMaterials) to its delivery (3DSupply), and from engineering support (3DXpertise) to series production of final parts (PRISMADD).
With the aim of supporting its historical customers at an international level (AIRBUS, THALES, SAFRAN, etc.) and expanding into new markets, PRISMADD recently established in Japan and will establish very soon in the United States.





2-146 Oneyama Midori-ku Nagoya-shi,Aichi Japan 459-8007

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