GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE e-Newsletter        Issue No.38 (July 2009)
1. Project: Industrial Cluster Projects in Greater Nagoya
2. Project: Human Resource Development of Aerospace Industry
3. Event: JAPAN-AUSTRIA 140 Yr Relations Memorial Concert Tour 2009
4. GNI Souvenir: Kimchi Chips as Accompaniment with the Perfect Summer Beer
5. GNI Product: Owase Deep Sea Water by Owasemeisui Co., Ltd

1. Projects: Industrial Cluster Projects in Greater Nagoya
The Industrial Cluster Project in Japan has been promoted since FY2001, which aims to form industrial clusters to bring about a stream of innovative and adventurous companies in various regions in Japan. Presently, there are 18 projects nationwide. With the joint cooperation of regional Bureaus of Economy, Trade, and Industry and promotion organizations from the private sector, we are building close cooperative relations with about 10,700 regional SMEs who are taking on the challenge of new businesses, researchers and more than 290 universities (including institutes of technology). From Industrial Cluster Project Portal Site:
Industrial Cluster Project formed in Greater Nagoya:
Project to Create Manufacturing Industry in Greater Nagoya:
Tokai Bio – Factory Project:
2. Project: Human Resource Development of Aerospace Industry in Greater Nagoya
At the core of aerospace manufacturing, there is know-how that does not exist in other industries. Although this know-how has been developed and managed by Japan’s major aerospace manufacturing companies (called Tier 1), in recent years that knowledge and responsibility have been transferred to mid-size and small contractors.
In a project conducted by VR Techno Center, “Human Resource Development of Aerospace Industry” the professionals will teach the know-how of the aerospace industry not only to existing aerospace contractors, but also to companies who aim to compete in the market and core members of manufacturing workers from Human Resource companies. The program was developed based on industry-university-government networks, training and producing excellent human resource program.
In the classes, students will learn the concepts of the aerospace industry, technology, production management, and quality control along with practical training. The class is designed for 116 hours of total training covering 35 items in 11 chapters.
Application & Adgenda: (Japanese)
Human Resource Development of Aerospace Industry Overall Outline: (Japanese)
VR Techno Center: (Japanese)



3. Event: JAPAN-AUSTRIA 140 Year Relations Memorial Concert Tour Japan 2009
The Austrian-born innovation and business development expert Jutta Jerlich, observes that communication and understanding beyond borders and traditions are essential for creating a sustainable economic and social future of international relationship.
Just in time for the celebration of 140 years of friendly relations between Austria and Japan in 2009, she relocated to Greater Nagoya and has been actively promoting this bridge between Austria and Japan in the activities.
The upcoming classical concert tour through Japan, supported by the non-profit organization Kulturimpuls, shows that music is one of the important means of connecting people, businesses and countries.
In every concert, the program will be explained and time is allocated for the concertgoer to ask questions and meet the musicians in person. Each concert is supported by a local person and you are welcome to contact this respective person (listed in the tour program) for information and tickets.

4. GNI Souvenir: Kimchi Chips as Accompaniment with the Perfect Summer Beer

Kakamigahara Kimuchi Chips
Spicy and garlic flavored “Kakamigahara Kimuchi Chips” are produced in cooperation of Kakamigahara-city and Calbee Foods Co., Ltd. The city is famous for producing Kimchi products since they are a sister city of Cheung Chong, Korea. This unique product can only found around this area. Kimchi is commonly eaten now in Japan, but it was initially a traditional Korean pickled dish made of vegetables with varied seasonings.
Bags of Kimuchi flavored Chips are light to carry as a souvenir after visiting Greater Nagoya. It goes perfectly with after-work beer on a summer day.

Where to Find Phantom Chips:
(Japanese Only) 
5. Local Product: Owase Deep Sea Water by Owasemeisui Co., Ltd
Owasemeisui Co., Ltd. located in South West of Greater Nagoya produces original bottled deep-sea water and deep-sea salt, as well as bottled mineral water using ground water taken at the foot of Kumano Kodo ancient trails, a World Heritage site.
Bottled mineral water processed from Deep Sea Water taken the area of Owase city, Mie Prefecture. Owasemeisui Co., Ltd. offers nutritious clean desalted water which took from 415m depth of Pacific Ocean off the coast of Owase city. It contains enriched natural minerals and magnesium. Magnesium has higher effect on protecting from risks of osteoporosis, cardiac disease, and diabetes. Some customers who drunk the Owase Deep Sea Water said after drinking the Owase Deep Sea Water, she found the condition on her pollen allergy got improved.
Owasemeisui Co., Ltd. :

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