GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE e-Newsletter  Issue No.37 (June 2009)

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1. News : Toyota Prius Gets off to a Good Start in Japan (May 18 ’09)

2. Report: ACCJ Chubu Walkathon (May 24) and Pre-Walkathon Reception

3. Local Products: Tenryo, Japanese Sake Creates Fresh Fruity Aroma

4. GNI Event: GNI Seminar at Paris Airshow

5. Event: Upcoming Osu Cosplay Parade in Greater Nagoya

1. News: Toyota Prius Gets off to a Good Start in Japan (May 18 ’09))

Nagoya Toyopet Co. Ltd., Yata shop

The world most advanced hybrid car, new model of Toyota Prius, made a grand debut in Japan on May 18th. This time, apparently the buzz started as early as the beginning of April, and at that time, not even the brochures were ready, but customers had already started ordering this new model. On date of the official debut on May 18th, the car was finally introduced by all media and more than 80,000 orders were placed, even though people who then ordered will have to wait about 6 months to get it.

This new Hybrid car system incorporates more powerful engine (Power of engine went from 1.5 to 1.8 liter).

The body was designed to be more aerodynamic vehicle, and also slick 0.25 drag coefficient for reduced drag and less fuel consumption.

In this model, various advanced technologies are revealed. A solar ventilation and remote air-conditioning system is just one of epoch-making options. The car generates energy by solar panels on the roof and uses the power to control the air temperature before people get on the car. So for example, when the car is parked in fierce heat, people can be reluctant to get into the car whose internal temperature can reach 45 degrees, but with the Prius, you can start the air conditioning even before you get into the car, with the power to run the air conditioning being generated of the solar panels on the top roof the car.

Several features combine produce very low fuel consumption. Comparing with 28 km / liter in the 1997 model, new Prius goes as far as 38 km / liter (measured in 10.15 mode.) Also carbon emissions are 43% lower. Road noise is reduced 10 %. The driver would not feel the engine noise or the vibration. Takahiro Yamazaki, Chief at Nagoya Toyopet Co. Ltd, Yata shop said, “Gas spending can vary depend on how you drive, but I think people who just use the car only on the weekend would probably need to fill the tank once in three months.” Prius can be seen at the United States already, and it will be upcoming soon in other countries soon.

Toyota Motor Corporation Global Site:

2. Report: ACCJ Chubu Walkathon (May 24) and Pre-Walkathon Reception (May 23)

-Michael Alfant Vice President, ACCJ, President and CEO, Fusion Systems Japan Co., Ltd. -Mitsuyo Teramura ACCJ Governor, Senior Manager Government Affairs, Federal Express, James Zumwalt, charge d’affaires -Michel Weenick, Ex-Vice President, ACCJ Chubu and the President of PAE Design and Facility Management

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and the Nagoya International School (NIS) co-hosted the 18th Annual Charity Walkathon and International Festival for 2009 on May 24 at Tsuruma Park, and the event raised about 5 million yen for to charities for organizations such as Child Abuse Prevention Network Aichi and Friend House Minami, Make A Wish of Japan in the Greater Nagoya region.

It is a great way to bring the foreign community and Japanese community together with the mutual goal of giving back to the Greater Nagoya community.” Said Steve Burson, Walkathon Committee (President of H&R Consultants K.K.).

It was great to have the Governor of Aichi participate in the Pre-Walkathon Reception on the Saturday, and then to have the Nagoya Mayor participated in the actual Walkathon on the Sunday.” He added.

Pre-Walkathon Reception took place in Toyota Techno Museum on May 23rd, the day before the Walkathon. Mr. James Zumwalt, charge d’affaires, American embassy Tokyo, board members from The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and Greater Nagoya’s Business leaders attended the reception, shared the time, and exchanged information.

Further Info: Nagoya Walkathon 2009:

3. Local Products: Tenryo, Japanese Sake Creates Fresh Fruity Aroma

Tenryo kurabito mixing steamed rice for sake.

Tenryo is a Japanese Sake Brewery, which represents the traditions of the Hida region in Greater Nagoya area. The vintage local Japanese rice wine, Tenyo, is daiginjo (sake brewed using only 45% polished rice,) matured in a storehouse with rigidly controlled temperature, which creates the fresh fruity aroma to elegant aroma, expanding its well-balance flavor across the ages.

Tenryo kurabito (sake maker) pay much attention to the traditional five essential elements of good sake: water, rice, yeast along with craftsmanship and weather. In fact, sake is approximately 80% water. The pleasant-tasting soft water flowing from Japan’s Northern Alps is used for brewing Tenryo.

Currently Tenryo Brewery exports 10,000 bottled sakes (720ml) / year mainly to the United States. A small bottled rice wine can be a great souvenir of visiting Greater Nagoya.

You can participate in onsite tour in Tenryo Brewery to see how the traditional rice wine is made, and taste various kinds of flesh sake.

Time: 10:00AM-4:00PM

Tel: 0576-52-1515


4. GNI Event: GNI Seminar at Paris Airshow

In France, June 15-21, Paris Air Show will take place, and to participate, a group of government and business associates from the Greater Nagoya region will attend the show. They will hold the Greater Nagoya Initiative seminar at a chalet of ARD (Agence Regionale de Developpement Paris Ile-de-France) on June 18 under the great cooperation with CEEVO (Comité d’Expansion Economique du Val d’Oise) and ARD. The GNI seminar aims at improving understanding of the economic region of Greater Nagoya, and to introduce GNI’s activities promoting the region.

-BEST-TECH CO., LTD. Makoto Kito (President)

-NAKANO AVIATION CO., LTD Hideo Fujii (Sub manager)

-IMAI AERO-EQUIPMENT MFG. CO., LTD. Yoichiro Imai (President)

-ASAHI KINZOKU KOGYO CO., LTD. Yasuhiro Yamanaka (President)

-SANKO MFG. CO., LTD. Kiyoshi Okumura (President)

GNI Seminar:

Paris Airshow:

5. Event: Upcoming Osu Cosplay Parade in Greater Nagoya

Manga (or “Anime”) culture has become on of the Japan’s characteristic growth industry. As the upcoming annual event, “Osu Cosplay Parade” will take place in August 1st (Sat) 2009. This year’s parade will include representatives from 15 countries. Why not come down and march with them. Unofficial participants are also welcome. The World Cosplay Championship also will take place in Greater Nagoya on August 2nd (Sun), 2009

The annual World Cosplay Summit will be held under the sponsorship of TV-Aichi. This event has been held in and around Greater Nagoya since 2003. The World Cosplay Summit ’05 was held at EXPO’05 Aichi. In 2006, World Cosplay Championship, the final competition, was held at Oasis21 located in Sakae, within Greater Nagoya area. Manga (or “Anime”) has been a flourishing sector in the region, and now the event grew bigger than ever before.

World Cosplay Summit 2009:


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