Issue No.54 (Nov 2010)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

1.Event: Aerospace Industrial Technology Show 2010
2.Report: Vietnam-Japan Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Forum
3.Fact Sheet : 3 Good Reasons about living in Greater Nagoya
1. Event: Aerospace Industrial Technology Show 2010

Greater Nagoya region is a Mecca for Japan’s aerospace industry. It is the manufacturing base of H-IIA rockets and also home to around half of Japan’s aircraft business.
MRJ, the first passenger jet aircraft to be produced domestically since the YS-11 of the 1960s, is being developed in Greater Nagoya. Trans States Holdings (TSH) of Missouri, USA, a major U.S. regional airline holding company, recently ordered 100 of these aircraft, which is expected to boost further development and production.

The entire regional jet manufacturing market is drawing considerable attention due to its expected growth; orders for 3700 aircraft over the next 20 years are predicted in Boeing’s 2009 report.

To support the aerospace industry, and for companies that consider entering the aerospace industry, the second AEROSPACE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY SHOW 2010 (AITECH 2010) will be held.

1.Date: Nov. 25. 2010 (Thu) – Nov. 27. 2010 (Sat)
2. Venue: Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya International Exhibition Hall)
*Communication Center 3F Meeting hall/Meeting Room No. 3 and 4
* Exhibition hall No. 3 (part)
3. Organizer Aerospace Symposium 2010 planning committee
(Consisting of Aichi Prefectural Government, City of Nagoya, C-ASTEC,
Aichi Small Business Support Center and Nagoya Industries Promotion
Corporation), Aerospace Industry Forum
2. Report: Vietnam-Japan Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Forum
The Vietnam-Japan Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Forum took place on Nov. 15 2010 at the Westin Nagoya Castle. State President Nguyen Minh Triet emphasized that Vietnam and Japan will be strategic business partners. And Vietnam wants to strengthen its infrastructure and Japan’s cooperation will be appreciated. The forum had been a great opportunity to share the thoughts of both Vietnam and Greater Nagoya. About 300 participants from both countries witnessed the MOU of a number of cooperation agreements and economic contracts between businesses in the two countries.
3. Report: GNI exhibited in the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) 2010
For promotion of GNI and appealing Chinese companies investing in the Greater Nagoya region, GNI exhibited a booth in the environmental protection technology and equipment show in one of the largest industrial fair in Shanghai, China; China International Industry Fair (CIIF) 2010. Many people who were interested in starting business in Japan or collaborating Japanese companies visited the GNI booth during the exhibition held from 9th to 13th November.

Thanks to collaboration with STTE (Shanghai Technology & Transfer Exchange), GNI held a seminar and a business matching event on 10th November. GNI provided a presentation with more than 50 Chinese companies to appeal our region.

GNI also made a 4-days inspection tour to visit the exhibition.  10 Japanese companies related to the environmental technology field in the Greater Nagoya region participated in the tour.  They could figure out the current Chinese market, which may be referred to their business expansion in the future.

CIIF official website:

4. Fact Sheet : 3 Good Reasons about living in Greater Nagoya
“What are some good & bad things about living in Greater Nagoya?”

Here are some comments GNI received from International business associates on the good reasons about living in Greater Nagoya.

1) Accessibility: Greater Nagoya is accessible to the rest of Japan. For those who enjoy winter sports, there are the mountains. For those who enjoy the beach, there are plenty of beaches and islands close by. For those who enjoy history, there is Kyoto & Nara less than one hour away. Railways, highways, airway, sea ports and pretty good roads, were all cited as good points of Greater Nagoya.

2) Size: Greater Nagoya is large region, but not too big. Although more than 11 million people live in and around Greater Nagoya, it still has a relatively small town feeling. The Greater Nagoya people are friendly. Do you agree with me?

3) Culture / Community: Greater Nagoya has temples, churches, shrines, museums, libraries, public parks, concerts, major sports teams and a thriving music scene. If you not discovered places like these, it will be our pleasure to introduce them. Keep up the good work of reading this newsletter.

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