NISHIO Japanese Green Tea and Green Tea Shake

     Products: NISHIO Japanese Green Tea and Green Tea Shake    

The finest Japanese green tea leaves of the first harvest are grounded into a fine powder by a stone mill. NISHIO Matcha is famously used in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. It has a bright jade green color and an unexpected distinctive flavor with a desirable sweetness that not found in any other NISHIO teas. NISHIO Matcha, has a full beneficial compounds, as you are actually consuming the whole powdered green tea leaf.

 Since Greater Nagoyans always have a green tea addiction, let me introduce a great afternoon cool drink as an alternative to coffee.

  Masuhan Tea shop’s Green Tea Shake has the rich flavor of teas in soft shake form.  Green Tea is the afternoon addiction of Japanese office workers in many parts of Greater Nagoya.