Issue No.64 (August 2011)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

1. Activity: GNI Industrial Tours for International Students
2. Workshop Report: Countermeasures of Nuclear Regulation for Exporter
3. Environment: Energy Self-Sufficient Demo Project
4. Infrastructure: Cozy Accommodations for Business Travelers

1. Activity: GNI Industrial Tours for International Students

Greater Nagoya Initiative Center designed and organized industrial tours to international students attending universities in the Greater Nagoya region. The objective of this event is to implement international human resource development in the region. It is also useful in displaying attractive features of the Greater Nagoya region.
The tours consist of an in-class lesson on industrial traits, economic situation, and on-site tour at manufacturing companies in the region. GNI recognizes that creating networking between local companies and international students is a key for the students to discover the attractiveness of the region, and it will help boosting a multi-cultural society.


[GNI Industrial Tours for International Students]:
[Mie University]:
Date: August 24th. 2011
Company to visit: Ito seisakusho Co., Ltd

[Gifu University]:
Date: September 9th. 2011

[Toyohashi University of Technology]:
Date: October 5th. 2011
Company to visit: Denso Corporation

[Nagoya Institute of Technology]:
Date: October 21st. 2011
Company to visit: Toyota Motor Corporation

2.   Report: Workshop – Countermeasures of Nuclear Regulation for Exporter

Workshop – Countermeasure of Nuclear Regulation for Exporter took place on July 27th at Nagoya Chamber of Commerce 5th Floor. The event was organized by Greater Nagoya Initiative, the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Central Japan Globalization Conference, Around Japan sea Economic Exchange Conference. The workshop introduced current economic situation of Greater Nagoya and testing services provided by the related organization in the region as follow.

Aichi Industrial Technology Institute has begun to measure radiation and issue the results of measurements. The candidates are industrial products manufactured by companies located in the region. Measurements of the radiation are needed to support foreign trade.

Japan Food Research Laboratories measures the radioactive iodine and cesium in food, drinking water, food additives, pharmaceuticals and feed.

Nippon Export and Investment Insurance are regulated by the import ban on trade in the destination country to cover the losses suffered by the cargo unit will not be recoverable.

Aichi Industrial Technology Institute:
Japan food Research Laboratories:
Nippon Export and Investment Insurance:


3.  Environment: Energy Self-Sufficient Demo Project

Gifu prefecture located in the Greater Nagoya launched five next-generation energy infrastructure demonstration projects that combine multiple energy sources and new energy technologies. The semi-mountainous area project is at a hundred-year-old private house in the Meiho area of the city of Gujo, which is equipped with solar power generation technology, a fuel cell, a storage battery, and a small-scale hydraulic power generator and wood-burning stove, both which utilize the river and forest resources abundantly available in the area.

Gifu will verify energy efficiency, cost performance, and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions under real-life conditions in this house, and then publish the results. As there are many communities in the prefecture that may become isolated in the event of a natural disaster, it hopes to prove that such self-sufficient energy supply systems are effective and probably should be included as one of a number of disaster-relief preparation measures.


Reference cited from

4. Infrastructure: Cozy Accommodations for Business Travelers

Accommodations are one of the main concerns that make your business trip comfortable overseas. With great access to public transportation such as Central Japan Railway Company, Kintetsu Railway, Nagoya Railroad and Nagoya subway, major international hotels line up in the Central Business District.

There are several well known Western style hotels in the region. The ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Court Nagoya is conveniently located in front of the Kanayama Station which has perfect access to and from the Chubu International Airport known as Centrair. (About 25 minutes by Nagoya Railroad).


Their hotels suites are located on floors 16 through 27, and you will enjoy the landscape during your stay. Their rooms are based on a design concept inspired by New York, providing a natural yet superbly comfortable atmosphere. Ideally situated for business travel as well as sightseeing, the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Court Nagoya is a soaring high-rise structure.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel:

American business travelers often use the Hilton Nagoya Hotel. The hotel offers convenient access to the city’s transportation, entertainment and business hubs.


Hilton Nagoya Hotel:

The Nagoya Marriot Associa Hotel is located immediately above Nagoya Station, which is in Nagoya’s main area. They offer great access to the bullet train station (Nagoya station) and some of the major shopping spots, and you will enjoy supreme relaxation and international hospitality.

Nagoya Marriot Associa Hotel:

The Westin Nagoya Castle is located in next to the Nagoya Castle. You can enjoy comfort staying in a traditional Japanese site.

The Westin Nagoya Castle:

Please find more accomodations in the region by a below search engine.
Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau – > Where to Stay:

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Report: Activities of Japan Aerospace Industry Forum
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