Scuderi Group Expands Operations to Asia

GNI Business Workshop

Title: “Scuderi Engine Changes Future of Japan’s Automotive Industry Needs”


Speaker: Mr. Deryk Langlais

GNI Workshop is to build a relationship between local governments and global company. In this time, GNI invited Deryk Langlais, Director of Asia Operation, Scuderi Group, as a speaker.

Even though the Scuderi Group is operating the business in the region, many GNI members have not recognized the company in the region yet.


Mr. Langlais mostly explained about his work and the company, Scuderi Engines by using movies.

At the end of the workshop, participants freely asked him questions and interacted with him.

Learning about Scuderi Engine

GNI made an effort to make the international business network in the region.

Title: Scuderi Engine Changes Future of Japan’s Automotive Industry Needs


Date & Time: Aug. 15. 13:30 – 15:00

Place: JETRO Nagoya IBSC Hall.

Speaker: Deryk Langlais, Scuderi Group, Director of Asia Operation

Targeted participants: FDI Coodinator of GNImembers, GNI Partners Club members

Language: English (And a bit of Japanese)

After hearing this presentation, you will be able to understand

1) Scuderi’s company outline

2) Strategy of Scuderi Group

3) Scuderi’s business activities in Japan

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This meeting was arranged by Greater Nagoya Initiative Center