We made a pamphlet and a PR video!

In 2020, the Greater Nagoya Initiative renewed the pamphlet and produced a new PR video.


◆Greater Nagoya Initiative Pamphlet

‘Greater Nagoya Initiative ~ Create the new future in Greater Nagoya~’


Our pamphlet has been renewed in two languages, Japanese and English, with the aim of disseminating information about the attractions of GNI and the activities of GNI, both domestically and internationally. Information about the Greater Nagoya region is collected in this book. Please take a look and use it


Pamphlet (Japanese)

Pamphlet (English)


◆Greater Nagoya Initiative Promotion Video


To promote the appeal of the GN region, we have produced two types of content (video), a long video(about 6 minutes) and a short video (about 2 minutes), in English. Please take a look at the many attractions of the GN area.

Greater Nagoya Initiative PR video (Long.ver)

Greater Nagoya initiative PR video (short.ver)