Investment Promotion / International Economic Exchange Seminar


Greater Nagoya Initiative Center (GNIC)
Investment Promotion / International Economic Exchange Seminar

The Greater Nagoya Initiative Center (GNIC) (*) will hold an “Online Seminar”, aiming to
establish a network between overseas companies and region companies, promote a business
development such as sales, production, and R&D in the Greater Nagoya(GN) region.
In this seminar, we will introduce appeal points of the GN region and foreign-affiliated companies
which have located and conducted active business in the region will give lectures on business activities there.
Do not miss this occasion!
【Date】Distribution starts on , March 17
【How to watch】After applying, we will distribute the link.
【Organizer】Greater Nagoya Initiative Center(GNIC)
【Viewing fee】It’s free to watch!!
【Application】Please apply from this form. (It’s free to watch)
【Contact Information】
AAAAGreater Nagoya Initiative Center(Taki,Inukai)
AAAAA Tel:052-218-4020
A1.Greater Nagoya Initiative Promotion Video broadcast
A2.Introduction of Greater Nagoya area (Chubu Bureau of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
A3.Speeches from foreign-affiliated companies in GN reigion
AAA-Introducing the voices of companies that have expanded into the Greater Nagoya region
AAPresenter1:Mr.Alexander Marxer CEO of CemeCon K.K.
AAPresenter2:Mr.Tsunehisa Katsuki Managing Director, CMC MATERIALS K.K.
A4.Lecture on the investment environment in Japan (JETRO NAGOYA)

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