Issue No.73 (September 2012)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

1. Industry: First Smart House Built in Toyota
2. Industry: Dreamlifter Operations Center construction launched
3. Investment: Sinhan Bank Japan (SBJ) Opens New Branch in Greater Nagoya
4. Activity: GNI Industrial Tours for International Students
5. Industry: Tokai Region Nanotechnology Manufacturing Cluster

1. Industry: First Smart House Built in Toyota

This summer Toyota Motors announced the development of a Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) System. The V2H enables the flow of energy from home to vehicle, and vice versa. The technology is designed to work with electric powered vehicles (EVs) and Plug-In hybrids, such as the new Prius Plug-In. The first house with the V2H System has been completed and it will be installed in ten households in the future.
This is part of the Toyota City Low-Carbon Verification Project that began in April 2010. The Verification Project is introducing next generation energy solutions and increasing society’s awareness of energy needs. The five-year project was planned and implemented by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Toyota City was selected as a demonstration area.
Toyota Motors is contributing to the project Prius Plug-Ins fitted with a converter that changes stored power into AC suitable for home use. The power flow is controlled between the vehicle, charging stand and the home by a specia l Home Energy Management System.
The car enables homeowners to store energy from solar panels or low-cost late night electricity, and then use that energy to supply power to the household during peak demand. Also during emergencies the car’s batteries can be used as a power source. Toyota Motors will also equip some Prius Plug-Ins with adaptors that could supply power directly without the need of the V2H System. With a fully charged battery and full tank of fuel, a Prius Plug-In could supply power to an average Japanese household for four days (approximately 10 kWh).

Reference: Toyota City Low-Carbon Verification Project’l%20Business%20Newsletter%20Issue19-2.pdf


2. Industry: Dreamlifter Operations Center construction launched

Construction of the Dreamlifter Operations Center (DOC) has officially started on leased land in Central Japan International Airport (Centrair). The DOC will be used for a temporary storage of the Boeing 787 components built by Mitsubishi, Kawasaki and Fuji Heavy Industries before they are shipped to Boeing’s assembly plants in Everett, WA, and North Charleston, SC, in the United States by a large cargo freighter “Dreamlifter”. The planned facility is a 2-story, 3,000 square-meter steel building located just south of the Dreamlifter aircraft parking area and will serve as an important operations base to accommodate future growth in production. Boeing currently builds 3.5 787s a month and plans to boost output to 10 by the end of 2013. The increased production is expected to satisfy about 10 percent of the total cargo exports from Centrair Airport. Boeing says the 787 is the fastest-selling wide-body commercial airplane in the aviation history, with 859 firm orders from about 60 customers around the world as of the end July, 2012. It is hoped that the DOC will offer significant benefits to Boeing as well as regional industry in Greater Nagoya. Construction of the DOC will be completed in January 2013.

Learn more about the Centrair DOC project: (Japanese)
Special Reporter:
Yoshimi KOJIMA, Aviation Sales Division, Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd.


3. Investment: Sinhan Bank Japan (SBJ) Opens New Branch in Greater Nagoya

The SHINHAN BANK JAPAN (SBJ Bank), the Japanese arm of leading Korean SHINHAN BANK, headquartered in Tokyo has formally announced to open new branch in Nagoya in September 5, 2012. This will be its ninth location in Japan. They consider supporting SMEs in developing overseas business.
The reasons how and why they decided to open new location in Greater Nagoya are
1) Strong economic market: Greater Nagoya is the third largest economic market in Japan.
And the trade between Asian countries and Greater Nagoya is prosperous.
(2) Concentration of International residents in Greater Nagoya:
(3) Existing customers in the region: They will enhance a service to existing customers in Greater Nagoya.

[SHINHAN BANK JAPAN (SBJ Bank) Nagoya branch]:
Address: 3-6-20 Sakae, Tatsukou building 7F, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Tel: +81-52-243-0506 Fax: +81-52-243-0501 (Japanese)

4. Activity: GNI Industrial Tours for International Students

Greater Nagoya Initiative Center designed and organized industrial tours to international students attending universities in the Greater Nagoya region.
The objective of this event is to introduce the economic strengths and industrial competitiveness to global human resource. It is also useful in displaying attractive features of the Greater Nagoya region.
The tours consist of an in-class lecture on industrial traits and an current situation of economy and on-site tour at manufacturing companies in the region. GNI recognizes that creating networking between local companies and international students is a key for the students to discover the attractiveness of the region, therefore sustain in the area.

Event: [GNI Industrial Tours for International Students]:

[Tour 1] Sept. 21th, 2012
[University]: Gifu University
[Company to visit]: Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
[URL]: (Japanese)

[Tour 2] Nov. 1st, 2012
[University]: Nagoya Institute of Technology
[Company to visit]: Toyota Motor Corporation

[Tour 3] Nov. 27th, 2012
[University]: Toyohashi University of Technology
[Company to visit]: Toyota Industries Corporation:

5. Industry: Tokai Region Nanotechnology Manufacturing Cluster

The mission of this cluster initiative is “Creating World-Leading, Environmentally-Friendly Advanced Functional Materials and Devices.” On the basis of their knowledge in advanced plasma nanotechnology and engineering, they are conducting research and development (R&D) activity that aims to achieve greater material functionality and developing advanced nanoprocessing technologies that will conserve energy and reduce the environmental load. These research results can also be used for supporting application research and prototype development. In addition, they are working with other organizations in the region for promoting technology transfer to and commercialization of the core and small and medium-sized enterprises. As an opening event, they will hold the following event.

Event: [Leti Day in NAGOYA]
Date: October 4, 2012
Time: 13:30 – 18:00
Venue: Knowledge Hub Aichi, 1267-1 Akiai, Yakusa-cho, Toyota, Aichi 470-0356
Organizer: Aichi Science & Technology Foundation (Tokai Region Knowledge Cluster Headquaters), Leti/MINATEC
-Advanced Microelectronics and Microsystems
-Wafer Level Packaging Advanced Technologies
-3D Integration Activities at Leti
-Optical Solutions for Healthcare etc.
More details:

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