1.Event: Messe Nagoya 2010: Environment & Energy
2.Event: Aerospace Industrial Technology Show 2010
3.Event: City Biodiversity Summit 2010
4.GNI Websites Updated: Incentives – GNI start-up support program 2010
5.Products: NISHIO Japanese Green Tea and Green Tea Shake
1. Event: Messe Nagoya 2010: Environment & Energy
The international trade fair, “MESSE NAGOYA 2010” will take place at Port MESSE NAGOYA from October 27 (Wed) ? 30 (Sat). MESSE NAGOYA is a cross-industrial trade fair that promotes business-to-business exchanges for local small and medium sized enterprises in the Greater Nagoya region. Greater Nagoya Initiative will staff three booths to promote foreign direct investment in the region.

The GNI will conduct the activities as follow: 1) Provide space to foreign companies that just launched in the region for their business activities, 2) Send a message on environmental-friendly research activities to visitors, 3) Promote international exhibitors by providing business matching opportunities with local companies. The service, called Alliance Partners Matchmaking Event (pre-arranged business meetings), is available. This business match-making service will serve as a place to make lively business exchanges for vibrant local and international companies and organizations that are proud of their competitive products, technologies, human resources and services.

Many international organizations from various countries will attend the fair, including Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Poland, Korea, Taiwan,
Thailand and United States. They will conduct their business-exchange activities in their own booths along with local companies.

This year, about 450 companies will exhibit at MESSE NAGOYA, which increased about 100 companies over last year.

Messe Nagoya 2010 official website:
Info in French, Chinese, Korean languages is available.

2. Event: Aerospace Industrial Technology Show 2010

Greater Nagoya region is a Mecca for Japan?s aerospace industry. It is the manufacturing base of H-IIA rockets and also home to around half of Japan?s aircraft business.
MRJ, the first passenger jet aircraft to be produced domestically since the YS-11 of the 1960s, is being developed Greater Nagoya. Trans States Holdings (TSH) of Missouri, USA, a major U.S. regional airline holding company,
recently ordered 100 of these aircraft, which is expected to boost its further development and production.

The entire regional jet manufacturing market is drawing considerable attention for its expected growth; orders for 3700 aircraft over the next 20 years are predicted, according to Boeing?s 2009 report.

To support the aerospace industry, and for companies that consider entering the aerospace industry, The 2nd AEROSPACE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY SHOW 2010 (AITECH 2010) will be held.

1.Date: Nov. 25. 2010 (Thu) ? Nov. 27. 2010 (Sat)
? ?
2. Venue: Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya International Exhibition Hall)
*Communication Center 3F Meeting hall/Meeting Room No. 3 and 4
* Exhibition hall No. 3 (part)
? ?
3. Organizer Aerospace Symposium 2010 planning committee
(Consisted of Aichi Prefectural Government, City of Nagoya, C-ASTEC,
Aichi Small Business Support Center and Nagoya Industries Promotion
Corporation), Aerospace Industry Forum
3. Event: City Biodiversity Summit 2010
The conservation of biological diversity, one of the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity, requires initiatives to be taken not only at the national level but also at the local level. The role of local authorities, the ones implementing policy measures in the communities, has become crucial. As biological diversity is also an issue that shall be addressed on a global scale, it is essential for local authorities from around the world to convene and exchange information.

?Date: October 24 – 26 (Sun.-Tue.), 2010
?Venue: Nagoya Tokyu Hotel
?Organizers: Aichi Prefecture, City of Nagoya, Aichi-Nagoya COP 10 CBD Promotion Committee ?Co-organizers: Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD), ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability
?Participants: Heads of local authorities and representatives of related international organizations

The City Biodiversity Summit aims to confirm the importance of “Cities and Biodiversity? to facilitate the sharing of information and exchange of experience among local authorities worldwide, and to appeal to the world on the need for further expanding local initiatives to conserve biodiversity.

The Summit results will be put together in the declaration and presented at the CBD COP 10 High Level Segment to introduce the initiatives taken by local governments.

Handbook For visitors of COP10

4. GNI Websites Updated: Incentives – GNI start-up support program 2010
Incentive Page on Greater Nagoya Initiative website has been updated.

Greater Nagoya Initiative will offer business start-up support for international-affiliated companies when non-Japanese firms plan to advance their business in the Greater Nagoya region. GNI start-up support program 2010 has been revised from the last version. Application form in Excel format is available to download. Please visit our website.

GNI start-up support Program 2010:

5. Products: NISHIO Japanese Green Tea and Green Tea Shake

The finest Japanese green tea leaves of the first harvest are grounded into a fine powder by a stone mill. NISHIO Matcha is famously used in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. It has a bright jade green color and an unexpected distinctive flavor with a desirable sweetness that not found in any other NISHIO teas. NISHIO Matcha, has a full beneficial compounds, as you are actually consuming the whole powdered green tea leaf.

Since Greater Nagoyans always have a green tea addiction, let me introduce a great afternoon cool drink as an alternative to coffee.

Masuhan Tea shop’s Green Tea Shake has the rich flavor of teas in soft shake form. Green Tea is the afternoon addiction of Japanese office workers in many parts of Greater Nagoya.

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