Issue No.50 (July 2010)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

1.Event: Japan Aerospace Industry Forum in Farnborough International Air show 2010 (July 19 – 25)
2.Industry: Toyota Production System and “Kaizen” Hands-on Training
3.GNI Partner: Regus provides 24h / 365days security offices in Greater Nagoya
4.Art: Shippo Town Cloisonné Enamel Ware Art Village
1. Event: Japan Aerospace Industry Forum in Farnborough International Air show 2010 (July 19 – 25)

In cooperation with governments and companies in Japan, it is a great pleasure to inform you that the Japan Aerospace Industry Forum (JAIF) will hold a business event at the Farnborough International Air Show 2010. JAIF will promote top-notch aerospace technologies and companies from Japan to the world under the direction of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Chubu. Business-matchings will be coordinated by the Chubu Aerospace Technology Center and the Greater Nagoya Initiative Center.
See the participating companies for the JAIF.

Japan Aerospace Industry Forum @ FARNBOROUGH AIRSHOW: CHALET C-30
Event: Press-Release for Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2012
Date: 20 July, 2010 (Tue.) 11:00-12:30
Venue:  Japan Aerospace Industry Forum (JAIF)
Host: Greater Nagoya Initiative
For more details:
2. Industry: Toyota Production System and “Kaizen” Hands-on Training
Toyota Production
System Training

Would you like to improve productivity or have a better atmosphere in your plant? HIRAYAMA Consulting provides a unique solution and support programme based on Toyota Production System (TPS).

Proposed a 3-4 days integrated training tour consists of Japanese company visits and TPS implementation training seminar as one of their services, you can learn real “Kaizen” (improvements) principles of the world leading company from TPS trainers with Toyota Motor background using actual simulation lines.

Many companies from various manufacturing fields from all over the world have been trained for acquiring TPS fundamental knowledge as well as motivating their own staffs. English, Chinese and Korean are available. For more details, see below.
HIRAYAMA Consulting:

3. GNI Partner: Regus provides 24h / 365days security offices in Greater Nagoya

UK based office space provider has great services for global companies who want to expand their business in Greater Nagoya. The Regus Nagoya Meieki centre provides 24h / 365 days accessible, fully furnished, high security offices in a premier business location and full-line-bilingual-business support services. July’s special offer starts from just 59,000 Yen per month. With very simple contracts and flexible terms you can cost-effectively locate your business. Fortune top companies such as Apple, Google, Nokia, IBM and GSK use Regus for cost-effective, highly-branded offices with high security IT.

With 1,400 business centres in 75 countries as well as 22 in Japan, Regus Group will make sure to provide you with the ultimate business infrastructure for your company’s growth.

You can access the business lounges in these centres using your Business World Card issued on office / virtual office contracts. Of course this card can be purchased independently; prices start from only 2,800 JPY per month. By using these networks your opportunities would be infinite.

Regus Nagoya Centre shares the same objectives with FDI promoting organizations so that Greater Nagoya area could be the best area to provide great business environments. Regus is not only an office provider but expands your opportunities with many supportive services. It is not simply a rental office – it is the perfect office solution.


4. Art: Shippo Town Cloisonné Enamel Ware Art Village

The Cloisonne Enamel Ware Art Village was established in 2004 to further enlighten people from the world about cloisonné enamel ware as regional special products.
Here, visitor can learn all about cloisonné, from its history and masterpieces of “Owari Shippo,” or watch an artisan at work, or make your own Shippo arts. Or you can find your special gifts from Greater Nagoya region.

A major characteristic of Owari cloisonné enamel ware is the insertion of an edge line. A flat silver wire outlines the pattern edges, clearly dividing the design boundary. Some older pieces are so detailed that it doesn’t seem possible to have been done by hand. This is a hidden good spot to find Greater Nagoya tradition, and such fine work has astonished Western visitors.

Shippo Town Cloisonné Enamel Ware Art Village:

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