Issue No.48 (May 2010)
1. Event: International Charity Festival, Walkathon
2. Event: Pre-Walkathon Reception
3. Company: Mitsubishi to Open New Facility in Greater Nagoya
4. Organization: Meiyu Aerospace Support Technology Team (MASTT)  
5. Event: GNI Industrial Tour for EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
6. Soul Food: Chicken Wing, “TEBASAKI” (tay-bah-sah-kee)
7. Entertainment: Is Ninja Still Alive in Greater Nagoya?
8. GNI Publication: Updated Information on GNI Brochure
1. Event: International Charity Festival, Walkathon
The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and the Nagoya International School (NIS) announced that they will hold the 19th Annual Walkathon and International Charity Festival for 2010 on Sunday, May 23 at Tsuruma Park (also called Tsurumai Park).
– The Walkathon is the annual event that helps raise money for and awareness about local charities in the Greater Nagoya area.
– The Walkathon is an all-day outdoor festival for charity, open to the public with ticket purchase (all proceed go to charity, prices are 2,000 yen for adults and 1,000 yen for students). It is officially supported by municipalities in the region and the U.S. Consulate. It is organized and managed entirely by volunteers from the U.S. business community in Greater Nagoya, and with Japanese and international friends and associates from all over Japan.
– More than 2,500 people participated, and raised 5.5 million yen for Greater Nagoya-based charities in 2009.
– Proceeds go to local organizations including orphanages, the homeless, victims of child abuse, the physically and mentally challenged and many other needy people.
– In addition to an organized 5 kilometer walk around Tsuruma Park in the morning, there will be international food, live bands, games, raffles, and other activities all day long.
– The Walkathon’s major sponsors include Boeing, Oak Lawn Marketing, H&R
ConsultantsKondo Sanko K.K., Hilton Nagoya, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Harman Becker, and many other international companies in Greater Nagoya and throughout Japan.
Date:   Sunday, May 23, 2010
Time:   10:00 am- 4:00 pm
Place: Sogaku-do Area at Tsuruma Park (Tsurumai Park), Nagoya
Nagoya Walkathon Official Website:
2. Event: Pre-Walkathon Reception in Greater Nagoya
Pre-Walkathon Reception will take place in the Hilton Nagoya on May 22nd, the day before the Walkathon. Mr. James Zumwalt, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. embassy in Tokyo, board members from The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and Greater Nagoya’s Business leaders will attend the reception, share the time, and exchange information.
Report: Nagoya Walkathon 2009:
3. Company: Mitsubishi to Open New Facility in Greater Nagoya
A portion of land in Toyoyama, Greater Nagoya is on loan to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The plot, which occupies about 5 acres (2ha) of land adjacent to Nagoya Airport, will be an important base for aircraft research and development in Aichi.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries celebrated the groundbreaking of a newly designated testing facility on April 12th. Mitsubishi needs the facility to complete certification of the MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet), Japan’s first domestic jet airliner. Detailed technical trials are necessary to certify the structural strength of the MRJ. The first test is called the “static strength test” and it verifies the ultimate load bearing capabilities without damage to the airframe. In another test called “fatigue testing,” the MRJ will be subjected to loads for twice as long as the projected limits of the airframe. These tests are necessary to obtain an understanding of the strength characteristics of the MRJ.
Nagoya Airport’s position as an aerospace research and development hub will also be strengthened by the addition of a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Flight Research Center.
4. Organization: Meiyu Aerospace Support Technology Team (MASTT)
Meiyu Aerospace Support Technology Team (MASTT) is the organization established by 24 makers supporting aerospace market. Quality management system of the organization is backed with ISO 9001 and JIS Q 9100, and the organization provides the high precision machining technology for special material, Ni-based, Ti-based, high precision assembly technology, and special process technology backed with NADCAP or special certification of aero-engine makers. The MASTT is the new manufacturing system in Greater Nagoya region that supply integrated processes parts for MRJ.
MASTT Contact:
5. Event: Japan Industry Insight, GNI Industrial Tour
Industrial tours are also coordinated by Greater Nagoya Initiative Center to promote better understanding the technology, history and culture of the industry in Greater Nagoya area.
As the final destination of the Human Resources Training Program (HRTP) held by EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Greater Nagoya was appointed for on-site visit tour to teach the Japanese business approach. The program consists of a combination of lectures, joint seminars and company visits and is designed to help participants become thoroughly informed about the actual conditions of Japanese businesses through practical analysis and research.
This involves a better comprehension of the language, economy, history and politics of the country, as well as practical business experiences, which takes place in the HRTP. About 12 executives from EU will visit one of the top notch manufacturing companies in Greater Nagoya such as INAX Corporation, Minami Sangyo, FEATHER Safety Razor Co, Ltd. Greater Nagoya Local companies and EU Business leaders are about to meet for better future.
EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation:
Human Resources Training Programme
6. Soul Food: Chicken Wing, “TEBASAKI” (tay-bah-sah-kee)
Do you like “Sekai no Yama-chan” of “FURAIBO”? This might be the question you often hear at Japanese Restaurants in Greater Nagoya?
“Sekai no Yama-chan” or “FURAIBO” are both Japanese restaurants that serve GN style chicken wing: TEBASAKI. Tebasaki are seasoned deep-fried chicken wings and are a specialty food of the Greater Nagoya region. They make great early-bird appetizers right after five o’clock. It’s drinking time, and it’s TEBASAKI hour for Greater Nagoyans. The wings can be eaten relatively quickly and cleanly by splitting the bone at the joint before eating.
When you have a time in Greater Nagoya, just stop by those restaurants, and compare which flavor of chicken wings you prefer.
How to eat chicken wings effectively and cleanly:
7. Entertainment: Is Ninja Still Alive in Greater Nagoya?
Two hours from Greater Nagoya International Airport – Centrair, the so-called ninjas’ village is found. Iga-city in South West part of Greater Nagoya is well known for Iga Ninja village.
A ninja was a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. The ninja, using covert methods of waging war, were contrasted with the samurai, who had strict rules about honor and combat.
Iga-ryū (literally “the Iga School”) is a school of ninjutsu. It became one of the two most well-known ninja schools in Japan, along with the Kōga-ryū. The Iga-ryū originated in the Iga Province in the area around the towns of Iga and Ueno (modern Iga City in Greater Nagoya region). Go find the true ninja.
Where to Find Iga Ninja:
Where to visit historical Ninja Places:
Need a Volunteer English Guide?:
8. GNI Publication: Updated Information on GNI Brochure
Greater Nagoya Initiative brochure is currently being updated and distributed by. GNI brochure contains basic information of economy & infrastructure, universities & research institutes, tourism, residential environment, business opportunities, flame work of aerospace and next-generation automobile industry in the region.
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