GREATER NAGOYA INITIATIVE e-Newsletter   Issue No.40 (September 2009)
2. International Cooperation: Japan International Cooperation Agency Chubu
3. Employment Measures: Emergency Japanese Language Course for Foreign Job-Hunters
4. GNI Activity: GNI Promotion Activity in Two Exhibitions in Japan
5. GNI Event: Greater Nagoya Cluster Forum 2009
6. Entertainment: Manuera Carrasco and Four Bailaores in Murakuniza
Greater Nagoya based exhibition, MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN 2009 (MECT 2009) will take place on Oct 14 – 17, and introduce advanced machine tools and related products at the center of Japan’s manufacturing industry for upgrading of manufacturing technologies and further expansion of domestic and international businesses.
Event Info:
Date: Oct 14 (Wed) – Oct 17 (Sat), 2009 (4 days)
Open hours: 10:00 – 17:00 (10:00 – 20:00 on Oct 16)
Organized by Nagoya International Trade Fair Commission
Admission fee: 1,000 yen per person (including tax) (500 yen per person for groups of more than 30 persons)
Free for oversea visitors and students
Further Information, please visit official site:
2. International Cooperation: Japan International Cooperation Agency Chubu

Cafe Crossroads in JICA Chubu offer multicultural conbination plates.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Chubu reopened its new facility near Nagoya Station on June.1 and they also started an open space, Nagoya Global Plaza. Facility of JICA Chubu is an organization that accepts about 500 trainees from 80 developing countries annually. Nagoya Global Plaza is the place where Greater Nagoya citizens can enjoy learning about international cooperation.

The JICA as a whole promotes international cooperation as well as sound development of Japanese and global economy by supporting the socioeconomic development, recovery and economic stability of developing regions.
They have committed to activities in developing countries such as improving education, health, social security, transportation systems, managing water resources, disaster planning, etc. JICA Chubu serves as the service center to offer information on thier activities. 
Because of their efforts, activities by JICA are well recognized all over the world.
However, Kanako Maeno, program officer of partnership program division in JICA Chubu says their efforts in the world are not well understood locally. Now in the new facility, they will promote their activities with the local people so that the next generation of volunteers will be better informed about international cooperation. “The people who give cooperation to our programs are actually locals.”
JICA Chubu International Center
60-7, Hiraike-cho, 4-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 453-0872
Tel: 052-533-0220
Fax: 052-564-3751
3. Employment Measures: Emergency Japanese Language Course for Foreign Job-Hunters
To overcome the world economic crisis, emergency Japanese language courses for foreign job-
hunters are taken
place in the regions where the non- Japanese workers gather.
Several supporting organizations provide courses for them. One of the organizations that support such programs is Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE.) Chubu branch of JICE makes Japanese-language lesson plans based on the clients’ requirements and implements effective and efficient Japanese language courses with experienced JICE Japanese language instructors.  

Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) Chubu:

Non-Japanese Job-Hunters learn how to write resume in Japanese.
Toyota city is also one of the best known places where non-Japanese workers are concentrated. In the city, Toyota International Association is also trying to manage the Emergency Japanese Language Course for Foreign Job-Hunters as well. The contents of the program are mainly lessons on Japanese language, job interview, how to write resume in Japanese, and other necessary procedures for finding employment opportunities. The classes are free of charge and the schedule can be found at public job stabilization office.
For the further details of these activities:
Toyota International Association:
4. GNI Activity: GNI Promotion Activity in Two Exhibitions in Japan

Willy Koh, Managing Director at  
Racer Technology Pte Ltd, Singapore Based Company explains the products to the visiters.

For the business matching activities organized by JETRO, GNI members recently have been to two exhibitions to promote the Greater Nagoya region to overseas companies who exhibit at shows.

One show is Japan’s Exposition of Analytical Instruments and Solutions taken place on Sept 2-4, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. The other exposition is N-Expo/Kansai 09. Companies who are considering expanding their businesses in Japan have a booth at the show and Greater Nagoya Initiative members visited them on Sep 4.
This activity by the GNI members was aimed at two goals. One was to meet the needs of overseas companies who plan for their future in Japan, and the other was to promote the economic area and business environment of the Greater Nagoya.
Participating in this GNI PR activity were municipalities and local governmental organizations, and the members offered effective information and materials such as regional brochures, GNI partners lists, and GNI incentive programs to explained what is the strengths of the region. Also the companies were interested in hearing on what kind of industrial clusters are concentrated in this region.
Japan‘s Exposition of Analytical Instruments and Solutions:
5. GNI Event: Greater Nagoya Cluster Forum 2009
Greater Nagoya Initiative (GNI) will hold a business event, Cluster Forum 2009 on Sept. 29 at ANA Hotel Grand Court Nagoya, to provide a global business opportunity in Aerospace industry in Greater Nagoya.
A theme this year is to enhance international business communication among Aerospace business associates. To do so, GNI will invite the Mexican Aerospace Industrial Mission and a major European aerospace parts manufacturer
They will give presentations starting with an opening speech by Ambassador Miguel Ruiz-Cabañas, of the Mexican Embassy in Tokyo, and there will be five other speakers from international aerospace organization such as Société Nationale d’Étude et de Construction de Moteurs d’Aviation in Tokyo, La Federación Mexicana de la Industria Aeroespacial, A.C. (FEMIA), Bombardier Mexico will give a presentation.
Cluster Forum 2009: (Japanese Only) 
6. Entertainment: Manuera Carrasco and Four Bailaores in Murakuniza

Villager’s Theater built in 1877

The Flamenco dancer, Manuera Carrasco, and four others from Spain will perform at Murakuniza in Greater Nagoya (Kakamigahara-city) on Sept 17th. Four male dancers are Luis De Luis, Rafael De Carmen, Antonio Molina”El Choro”, Rafael Campallo. Manuera Carrasco received Premio National De Danza in 2007.

Murakuniza is Japanese traditional Entertainment Theater initially built in 1877, more than 130 years ago. It was commonly used as a villagers’ entertainment stage for Kabuki back then. Now it has been registered as nation’s tangible folklore cultural asset, and the city has decided to spend more than three years and 0.2 billion JPY to fix the building and offered to brings not only traditional but international culture for citizens to have deeper interests and understanding toward cultural asset.
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