Issue No.63 (July 2011)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

1. Report: GNI Paris Mission 2011
2. Event: ACCJ Creating an Immigration Nation, Japan-Style
3. Program: GNI Business Start-up Support Program 2011FY
4. Incubation Office: Softopia Japan’s Business Support Center

1. Report: GNI Paris Mission 2011

The activities of companies and the economic state of the Greater Nagoya region which is recovering from the effects of the disaster was explained to French administrative organizations, economic groups, and companies interested in investing in Greater Nagoya. Some have expressed concerns abroad that the Japanese economy will be late to recover after the earthquake in eastern Japan, and the harmful rumors that have been spread regarding industrial products and other merchandise manufactured in the area.
In conjunction with this effort, at the Paris Air Show, Greater Nagoya Initiative (GNI) mission promoted the advantages of aircraft parts made by manufacturers in the Greater Nagoya region to top aircraft manufacturers overseas.

[Visited Organizations]:
    -Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry, Industrial and Service Competition Enhancement General Office (DGCIS)
    -The French Automotive Equipment Industries Association (FIEV)
    -Comité d’Expansion Economique du Val d’Oise (CEEVO)
    -Japan & France Economic Exchange Committee
    -Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Française du Japon

[Further Details: GNI Paris Mission]:

2.   Event: Creating an Immigration Nation, Japan-Style

Immigration policies will play a central role in the revitalization and growth of Japan’s economy – and this may be more so after the recent disaster.
A Growth Strategy Task Force event will take place with the Executive Director of the Japan Immigration Policy Institute, Mr. Hidenori Sakanaka.
It will be a unique opportunity to hear about an exciting forward-thinking proposal for harnessing Japan’s immigration policies to revitalize the Japanese economy.

   Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2011
   Time: Noon – 2 p.m. / Noon – 12:45 pm
   Venue: Hilton Nagoya
   Fee: Guests 5,000 yen
   Host: American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) Chubu Office
      External Affairs Committee – Chubu
   Contact: E-mail / TEL +81 52-229-1525 / FAX: +81 52-222-8272

3.   Program: GNI Business Start-up Support Program 2011FY

Greater Nagoya Initiative will offer business start-up support for foreign-affiliated companies when foreign firms plan to advance their business in the Greater Nagoya region.

1. Applicant:
An applicant will be a foreign-affiliated company who plans to advance its business in the Greater Nagoya region.

2. Targeted Expenses:
[1] Costs for procedural requirements for establishing the company in the Greater Nagoya area.
[2 ] Expenses necessary for personnel recruitment, brokerage costs for leasing office, market relevance etc. research expenses, consultant fee for the market research etc.
*In the case of establishing an R&D center, even if the company doesn’t register, GNI will offer incentives in the expenses of 2.– [2] when the Greater Nagoya Initiative (GNI) members decide that the company is beneficial to the region.

3. Total Amount of Incentives:
   2. – [1] Costs for procedural requirements for establishing the company:
      Up to 500,000 yen / company
   2. – [2] Expenses for personnel recruitment, brokerage costs of an office, or market research etc.
      Up to 500,000 yen / company

Further details for GNI Start-up Program 2011FY:

4. Incubation Office: Softopia Japan’s Business Support Cente

Softopia Japan is a major IT facility to support developing IT venture business in the Greater Nagoya. The businesses associated with Softopia Japan are able to use its vast network infrastructure to both use and provide a wide variety of services for business.

At Softopia Japan’s Business Support Center offers various types of support for the development of venture businesses, including research and development and technical support. In addition, business-matching support is also offered at the incubation manager.

Softopia hopes to develop new IT businesses through the accumulation of and networking between companies in the Greater Nagoya area. Softopia has been producing smart phone application developer. And currently 24 companies utilize this international incubation rooms, and 5 companies of them are the ones who were affected their business from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Organization tour is available, please visit their website.

[Support Service]:
   Softopia Japan is providing incubation offices for programmers, developers, entrepreneur who develops smart phone applications and has suffered their business from the East Japan Earthquake. The term of the service will be about 6 months.
More details:

[Center Building]:
   Technology Development Rooms (leased to IT-Related Businesses), Conference Rooms (Typically Rented at Half-Day Intervals), Hall, Exhibition hall, restaurants, shops, Fukushi Media Station(welfare media display consultation facilities) can all be found at the Center Building.

[Dream Core]:
   International Incubation Rooms (100 Rooms), and IT Training Facilities can be found inside Dream Core.

[Workshop 24]:
   It includes Technology Development Rooms, restaurants, and prefectural housing.

   Softopia Japan Official Website:

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[News & Events]
News: GNI Information for 2011 the Great East Japan Earthquake

GNI Business Start-up Program 2011FY:

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