Issue No.55 (Dec 2010)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

1.Report: Mie Prefecture International Seminar on FDI in Tokyo
2.Success Story: Axson Japan Office in Greater Nagoya
3.Industrial Tour: Kirin Beer Park Nagoya
4.Travel: 10 Thrilling Scenic Sites; Highlights of Greater Nagoya
1. Report: Mie Prefecture International Seminar on FDI in Tokyo
The Mie Prefecture International Seminar on Foreign Direct Investment was held in Tokyo at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel in November 15th, 2010,

Two of the seminar’s three presentations can be downloaded, as well as some of the materials that were handed out to attendees.

Mie, Japan’s Hub for Industry and Innovation
Mr. Akihiko Noro – Governor of Mie Prefecture (PDF)

The Benefits of Bringing Your Business to Mie
Mr. Ulrich Sieler – President of Evonik Degussa Japan

Looking to Invest in Japan? Come to Mie!
Mr. Yoshikuni Kanai – Corporate Advisor to Mitsubishi (PDF)

» PDF – Seminar Program
» PDF – Information on Mie foods found at the reception (English | Japanese)
PDF Handouts are available from Mie Official Site:

2. Success Story: Axson Japan Office in Greater Nagoya
  Axson Japan

With the acquisition of Acekaken, Axson Group completed the establishment of its fully-owned subsidiary Axson Japan in the Greater Nagoya region as of January, 2002. Axson was originally located in France for the group, producing mainly for the European markets. Launching in to Greater Nagoya was their new entry into the heart of Japanese industry. With it, Axson has acquired increased skills in rapid prototyping resins.

In last decade, Axson’s steadily increasing business volumes has grown by 60% and has created seven new subsidiaries; six of them are outside Europe.

Geographic diversification has been evident with France’s’ total share of sales shifting from 44% to 26%. In 2002 three quarters of the Group’s sales came from areas outside of the parent company’s homeland of France. In addition the Axson Group has invested in new markets for applications such as electrical encapsulation resins, decorative surfaces, concrete construction, stone and trading in rapid prototyping equipment. We forecast that our entry into the new markets will ensure sustained growth for the Group in the years ahead.

Leading industries around the world chose Axson Technologies solutions in markets such as aerospace, automotive, construction, renewable energies, transportation, foundry, machine tools and the electronic industry among others.

In addition to the industrial sector, Axson Technologies provides solutions for other markets such as model making, art, interior decoration, furniture design, household appliances, ceramics, filtration, medical, sports and leisure among others.

In industries today, polyurethane resins are mainly used in the production of models and prototypes, while epoxy resins are predominantly used in the high-performance composite market.

Axson Japan. Address Onishi 2-5-12 Okazaki-city, Aichi, Postal Code 444-0871
TEL 0564-26-2591 FAX 0564-26-2593 Mail
More information, please visit their website:

3. Industrial Tour: Kirin Beer Park Nagoya
The little malted grain endures a series of ordeals and turns into amber-colored beer.

  Kirin Beer Park Nagoya

Kirin Beer Park Nagoya renewed the brewing factory, which was established in 1962.
This is a journey in search of the stages of the brewing process and stories about the history of beer await you. You can take in your hands the ingredients used to make beer and see a high- technology performance. Visitors can stop by at “Sweet wort sampling corner” during this course, and at the end of the course, you can enjoy the fresh Kirin beer.

The old brewery factory build in 1960’s turned into a cozy restaurant. You can enjoy fresh beer and Greater Nagoya’s soul food at the restaurant, “Brewer’s House.”

Kirin Beer Park Nagoya (Kiyosu, Aichi Prefecture)

Tour Course:
  -Beer Server Tour / Bus Tour

Guide information:
  Time required: 60 minutes (including tasting)
Tour: Guided tour only
Opening hours: 10:00~16:00 / Closed: Mondays
Admission: Free
Reservations: RequiredAdmission: Free
Customer service center: (+81)-52-408-2000

Others :
Where to make a reservation: (Japanese only)

Kirin Beer University Website (Japanese only):

4. Travel: 10 Thrilling Scenic Sites; Highlights of Greater Nagoya
Greater Nagoya region offers every travel attraction: museums of industry that could only be found in a product-making district, scenic beauty embellished by the lushly changing four seasons, history and culture handed down from the past, soothing hot springs, and seasonal delicacies.

Also, one attraction is full, unimpeded access via airports, including Central Japan International Airport (Centrair), as well as a diverse range of road and rail networks.
Ten scenic sites and ten thrills you can encounter in the Greater Nagoya region – you’re sure to find the travel you’ve been seeking.

10 Thrilling Scenic Sites Official Website:
Greater Nagoya – Gifu Area Hot Spot for Winter Season:
Gifu Prefecture Event Newsletter:
Greater Nagoya – Gifu Area Hot Spot Back Issue:

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