ACCJ 「Walkathon Charity &Festival」

Report: ACCJ 「Walkathon Charity & Festival」

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and the Nagoya International School (NIS) held the 21st Annual Walkathon and International Charity Festival for 2012 on Sunday, May 20, at the Expo Memorial Park (Morikoro Park).

The Walkathon is the annual event that helps raise money for local charities in the Greater Nagoya area, and is an all-day outdoor festival for charity.



Since the establishment of the Walkathon, it raised over one hundred million yen.

Samurai warriors walk around the EXPO Memorial park.

Group photo                                     .

Mayor of Nagoya city           Mr. KAWAMURA

Opening Ceremony                         

Mayor of Nagoya city           Mr. KAWAMURA's speech




























Photographer: Andy Boone, International Visual Communications [IVC]