Greater Nagoya GREATEST in FOODEX JA…(March 6-9, 2012)

Report: Greater Nagoya GREATEST in FOODEX JAPAN 2012 (March 6-9, 2012)



Greater Nagoya Initiative Center cordially arranged the business matching with four local companies and organization of Greater Nagoya region in FOODEX JAPAN 2012 to support overseas market expansion and enhance the companies’ export business. “FOODEX JAPAN” (Organizer: Japan Management Association) set up the Made in/by Japan zone in 2011FY. This zone is designed to support import/export business of Japanese companies, and one of merits for the exhibitors in this zone is guaranteed business-matching arrangements with overseas buyers. Language support was provided.

During the exhibition, GNI supported four Co-exhibitor companies and organization by staffing the booth and providing the interpreter services (English, Chinese, and Korean) to help find potential business partners for those companies and organization.

Greater Nagoya Initiative Center also promoted food industrial clusters in the region to international visitors.


The GREATEST products were exhibited by below four companies and organization.

(1): Gifu Kyu-Kura (Gifu Pref.)

Products: Nine Japanese SAKEs


Contact: Hiroe WATANABE, General Manager

[Greatest point]: Gifu Kyu‐Kura offers you a variety of tastes from 9 different sake breweries to fully enjoy the delicate nuances of aroma and flavor.


(2): AKITAYA HONTEN Co., Ltd. (Gifu Pref.)

Products: Honey and honey candy, Jelly drink products for OEM


Contact: Kenji OTA, General Manager

[Greatest point]: AKITAYA HONTEN Co., Ltd. has the No.1 share in Japan for jelly drink products for OEM.






(3): AZUMA FOODS Co., Ltd. (Mie Pref.)

Products: Sushi topping, seasoned raw octopus with wasabi, avocado paste, etc.


Contact: Keita ONODERA ,Trade Division

[Greatest point]: Azuma Foods Co., Ltd. is the inventor of wasabi seasoned raw octopus; Takowasa.

The company offered the best in specialty Japanese seafood. With the company detailed HACCP plan and a rigorous, quality-control inspection process, the Azuma Foods® brand is a name we can trust for safety and quality.


(4): TAKEYA Co., Ltd. (Mie Pref.)

Products: Green Tea pudding, fruits Jelly, cream puffs


Contact: Eiji EGUCHI, Sales Manager

[Greatest point]: TAKEYA Co., Ltd. received the Monde Selection Awards for more than 20 products.








【Exhibition Info】

[Exhibition]: FOODEX JAPAN 2012

[Date]: March 6 (Tue) – 9 (Fri), 2012

[Place]: Makuhari Messe (Halls 1 – 8)


[Booth Name]: Greater Nagoya GREATEST

[Booth No.]: 5B58 (Hall 5)

[Zone]: Made in / by Japan zone


Greater Nagoya Initiative Center

Greater Nagoya GREATEST (2 booths): separated into 5 spaces

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