Cluster visit: EMC2 Cluster – Greater Nagoya Aerospace Europe…

Cluster visit: EMC2 Cluster

Greater Nagoya Aerospace Europe Mission 2013


Date: June 20, 2013 (Thr)

Visit to: EMC2 Cluster, Nantes, France


EMC2 Cluster


Benoit SAGOTO-DUVAUROUX, EMC2 Deputy Director

Perrine OGER, EMC2 technocampus

Greater Nagoya Initiative Center

・ Tomohiro IINO, Chief, International Affairs Division, Chubu Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

・ Kiyono WATANABE, Assistant Manager, Greater Nagoya Initiative Center


EMC2 technocampus


@ EMC2 technocampus








Greater Nagoya Initiative Center visited to improve the industrial advances of GN region and help the region serve as an international hub. There GNI also discussed methods to develop relationships between the cluster and research institutes such as the National Composite Center in Nagoya University and local companies in GN region.



• Visit of the EMC2 technocampus

• Presentation of Greater Nagoya Initiative Center (GNIC)

• Presentation of the EMC2 Cluster and of the Jules Verne IRT,

• Discussion on inter-cluster relationship, including a presentation by EMC2 of its trip to Japan and of its objective for collaboration with Japan.


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