Greater Nagoya – Japan “Sake” Reception

[Greater Nagoya – Japan “Sake” Reception]

GNI would like to also invites you to our “Greater Nagoya – Japan Reception” with Speaker’s Corner & Sake Apéro on June 20th (Thurs) 17:30 – 18:15, hosted with the special support of Mr. Patrick ROTH of the Swiss Precision Cluster.

Please find the attached invitation card. You will enjoy six distinguished tastes of pure Japanese sake from different areas within the Greater Nagoya region. Please come and join us for the Sake Apéro. This time, again, six companies are introducing on the How to use our product to solve your problem. Let us know if you can attend the reception or if you can send some of your team / networks to connect to Japanese team.

GNI Japanese “Sake” Reception Program: EPHJ_GNI_Japanese_Reception2019_Invitation

Six companies to present: EPHJ_Six_Companies



Please create and print your badge to access freely at the trade show:

Greater Nagoya – Japan Booth:



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