“Meet the Chewy Chubu Products” Sampling Party @ FOODEX

New Trends of Central Japan “Chewy Chubu”

“Meet the Chewy Chubu Products”
– Get Together to a Sampling Party

Want to live longer? Find out how Chewy Chubu products may help you have a healthier life.
Let us empower you with the knowledge and know-how to use Chewy Chubu products as Japanese traditional dietary foods.

The Sampling Party starts:

  • Date:      March 1. 2011 (Tuesday)
  • Time:      14:00-14:40
  • Venue:      Makuhari Messe, Hall 5・6, Seminar Room D
  • Fees:      Free
  • Booth :  New Trends of Central Japan “Chewy Chubu” (Booth No. 5B19)
  • Organization: Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (Chubu METI), Greater Nagoya Initiative, Central Japan Globalization Conference, Around Japan sea Economic Exchange Conference

*Consecutive interpretation for Japanese-English is available.
*When you apply for the event, we will send an invitation ticket to below address.


Representative companies

  • Kintobi Udon Noodle / KINTOBI SHIGA CO.,LTD.
    Perfect for your own delightful vegetarian noodle soup.
    MONDE SELECTION Gold Award 2010
    URL: http://www.kintobi.com/
  • Tenryo “Hidahomare” JUNMAI GINJYO Sake,
    Vegetarian retort-pouched curry / TENRYOU Foods CO.,TD
    Suitable for vegetarians and dieting.
    Contact: info@tenryou.com
  • Banrai Soymilk / MINAMI SANGYO CO.,LTD
    (Fresh Tofu made of Banrai Soymilk)
    Flesh Creamy tofu is made in the traditional BANRAI-Nabe.
    URL: http://www.banrai-life.com/english/brand/index.html
  • Teriyaki Scallop on a stick / HOKUCHIN CO.,LTD
    10 kinds of seasoning traditional flavor
    Contact: webinfo@hokuchin.co.jp
  • Mahi-mahi hamburger patty / KAMIKYU Co., Ltd
    Tokyo Governor Prize”  Low calorie seafood hamburger patty
    Contact: info@kamikyu.co.jp

Foodex “Chewy Chubu” Products List_English (Please download the PDF version.)