Kasugai City Tofu Memorial Museum

Kasugai City Tofu Memorial Museum


Tofu Memorial Museum was constructed in 1981 to commemorate the works of Ono no Tofu,
one of three great masters of calligraphy in the Heian Period (Three Brush Traces), is said to be born in Matsukawado area in Kasugai.
The Museum holds about 2,300 works of calligraphy and promotes calligraphic culture of  “Kasugai, a Town of Calligraphy” through exhibitions and lectures.


Address : 946-2, Matsukawado-cho, Kasugai, Aichi 486-0932

Tel : +81-568-82-6110

Open : 9:00~16:30

Closed : Mondays ( When Monday falls on a national holiday, closed on the day after)

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Kasugai City Tofu Memorial Museum

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