Good Reasons about living in Greater Nagoya

     3 Good Reasons about living in Greater Nagoya                             

  “What are some good & bad things about living in Greater Nagoya?”

 Here are some comments GNI received from International business associates on the good reasons about living in Greater Nagoya.

 1) Accessibility:  Greater Nagoya is accessible to the rest of Japan. For those who enjoy winter sports, there are the mountains. For those who enjoy the beach, there are plenty of beaches and islands close by. For those who enjoy history, there is Kyoto & Nara less than one hour away. Railways, highways, airway, sea ports and pretty good roads, were all cited as good points of Greater Nagoya.

2) Size:  Greater Nagoya is large region, but not too big. Although more than 11 million people live in and around Greater Nagoya, it still has a relatively small town feeling. The Greater Nagoya people are friendly. Do you agree with me?

3) Culture / Community:  Greater Nagoya has temples, churches, shrines, museums, libraries, public parks, concerts, major sports teams and a thriving music scene. If you not discovered places like these, it will be our pleasure to introduce them. Keep up the good work of reading this newsletter.