Axson Japan Office in Greater Nagoya

       Success Story: Axson Japan Office in Greater Nagoya       


With the acquisition of Acekaken, Axson Group completed the establishment of its fully-owned subsidiary Axson Japan in the Greater Nagoya region as of January, 2002. Axson was originally located in France for the group, producing mainly for the European markets. Launching in to Greater Nagoya was their new entry into the heart of Japanese industry. With it,Axson has acquired increased skills in rapid prototyping resins.

In last decade, Axson’s steadily increasing business volumes has grown by 60% and has created seven new subsidiaries; six of them are outside Europe.

Geographic diversification has been evident with France’s’ total share of sales shifting from 44% to 26%. In 2002 three quarters of the Group’s sales came from areas outside of the parent company’s homeland of France. In addition the Axson Group has invested in new markets for applications such as electrical encapsulation resins, decorative surfaces, concrete construction, stone and trading in rapid prototyping equipment. We forecast that our entry into the new markets will ensure sustained growth for the Group in the years ahead. 

Leading industries around the world chose Axson Technologies solutions in markets such as aerospace, automotive, construction, renewable energies, transportation, foundry, machine tools and the electronic industry among others.

In addition to the industrial sector, Axson Technologies provides solutions for other markets such as model making, art, interior decoration, furniture design, household appliances, ceramics, filtration, medical, sports and leisure among others.

In industries today, polyurethane resins are mainly used in the production of models and prototypes, while epoxy resins are predominantly used in the high-performance composite market.

Axson Japan. Address Onishi 2-5-12 Okazaki-city, Aichi, Postal Code 444-0871

TEL 0564-26-2591 FAX 0564-26-2593 Mail

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