ACCJ Chubu Chapter Speakers Event

ACCJ  Chubu Chapter Speakers Event


Full Circle Aerospace Seminar Series #5 – Quality Assurance: International Review


  • Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2014
  • Time: 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
  • Speaker: Gaku Hattori, Senior Executive Director, Fuso Machine Workd Ltd. and H. Robert Jacobs, F-2 Quality Assurance Liaison, LMTASIC
  • Hosting Committee: Aerospace Industry Subcommittee
  • Member Fee: ¥3,000
  • Guest Fee: ¥4,000
  • Extras: Dinner included
  • Registration/Cancellation Deadline: Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Event Overview:

The purpose of this meeting is to provide a review of Quality Assurance, from both a business perspective and from a technical perspective. This presentation will have two speakers in which we will learn from the Senior Executive Director of a Japanese Aerospace company and we will learn from the QA liaison of an American Aerospace company. The first presentation is titled “Analysis from the Perspective of Quality: History and Future of Fuso Machine Works in business for 61 years” and the second presentation is titled “Root Cause and Corrective Action”.

Gaku Hattori will present the history and future of Fuso Machine Works from the perspective of quality. First, he will introduce the history of Fuso, which has been manufacturing machineries and precision dies for years in the automotive industry since its establishment in 1953. And then, he will talk about current challenges of Fuso to enter the aerospace industry in order for Fuso to grow further in the future.

Rob Jacobs will present how Root Cause and Corrective Action (RCCA) is used by everyone. In this ACCJ Aerospace Committee presentation attendees will discover that they apply RCCA to their everyday lives. The presentation will focus on root cause analysis applications and how to avoid common mistakes.  Attendees will discover that very simple approaches can be applied to understand complex problems. After learning how to apply root cause analysis, the attendees will be introduced to corrective action applications and how to best solve the problem. The presentation is designed to apply to all professions and fields of study.

This event is the fifth in our Aerospace Leadership Series in which we are targeting those who want to be global leaders for their companies in the future. This year’s Series will provide inspiration, instruction and technical insights on how to improve yourself and the environment you live in.

Please click here for speakers’ biographies: Gaku and Rob

Britt Creamer, Chair
Gregory Robinson, Vice Chair
Ryan Locascio, Secretary
ACCJ Chubu – Aeropsace Industry Subcommittee

NOTE: This meeting is OFF THE RECORD.