GNI Business Advancement

Enterprises Expanding into Greater Nagoya

Below companies have expanded their business with GNI support


Anca Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
Owariasahi / Aichi
Produces and sells tooling grinders. Established a branch in March 2006.

Nippon Panel Thailand Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Nagoya / Aichi
Designs, produces, installs sandwich panels and peripherals for refrigerators or freezers for industrial applications, and clean rooms. Established a branch in March 2006.

SBD Japan Inc. (United Kingdom)
Nagoya / Aichi
Supports and consults in the design; development of functional components; systems for automobiles, and networking applications. Established a Japanese corporation in March 2006.

Shanghai Staff Co., Ltd. (China)
Nagoya / Aichi
Contracting development work from Japanese companies, offshore development, dispatching of Chinese IT experts to Japan, localization of Japanese IT products, and sales of products in the Chinese market. Established a Japanese corporation in February 2006.

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