GREATER NAGOGYA INITIATIVE GNI monthly newsletter Issue No.5  October 2006

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities
GNI monthly newsletter Issue No.5  October 2006
◇◆ 1. Event: GNI visits to the United States
◇◆ 2. Event: Messe Nagoya, “Eco-Oriented International Trade Fair”
◇◆ 3. Toyota Corporate Headquarter
◇◆ 4. Japan’s New Prime Minister
◇◆ 5. Our New Incentive Programs
◇◆ 1. Event: GNI visits to the U.S. ◇◆

GNI members are visiting the United States (San Francisco, San Jose, and Washington DC) from Monday, November 6 through Friday, November 10 2006. In San Francisco, we will have a GNI seminar and exhibitions. We will also visit venture companies, corporations, universities, etc. in San Francisco to share information on investment opportunities in Greater Nagoya. In San Jose, “Invest Japan World Conference (IJWC)” will be held by the US State Department, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan, and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). This conference is held yearly and corporations interested in having business alliances with Japanese companies will join the conference. In Washington DC, we will meet with Greater Washington Initiative (GWI) teams, an organization promoting investment opportunities to Greater Washington area, to exchange opinions about GNI’s further progress in our activities. If you are interested, please contact us for more details. Further details will be up on our website soon.

◇◆ 2. Event: Messe Nagoya, “Eco-Oriented International Trade Fair” ◇◆

Messe Nagoya, an eco-oriented international trade fair, will be held in Nagoya from Wednesday, October 19 to Thursday, October 21 2006. The exhibition is adopting the philosophy of Aichi EXPO 2005’s theme, ‘Environmental protection with the development of new technologies, and harmonizing life with nature’.
Messe Nagoya aspires to provide business opportunities for industries focusing on eco-oriented technologies, products, services, etc. Over 200 participants will exhibit in various areas of ecology. The exhibition is divided into 5 zones. Zone 1: Ecological technologies, materials and products, Zone 2: environmental technologies and products, Zone 3: environment related financial products and systems, Zone 4: proposing LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability), and Zone 5: EXPO products (organizer’s zone).

Please see more details on the website:

For application and inquiry please contact:
Messe Nagoya Executive committee
TEL: +81-52-223-5708, FAX: +81-52-231-5703

◇◆ 3. Toyota Corporate Headquarter ◇◆

Toyota’s operating headquarter and its 3,000 employees have now moved into “Midland Square” located right in front of Nagoya station. It is the tallest skyscraper in the Greater Nagoya area which was completed last month. Commercial facilities (shops and restaurants) will be opened in March next year. Office tower was opened on October 1st and about 30 companies have already moved into the building which makes about 6,000 people working in this building including Toyota. The building was also designed to be environmentally friendly (systems to save energy, cut emission of CO2, etc.). Also, there is a rooftop gardening to prevent heat-island effect.

Toyota’s new headquarter is expected to act as a global-operating base and further increase in mobility. As Toyota’s Headquarter for overseas-production department was in Tokyo before, visitors from overseas had to first go to Tokyo then to Toyota city (a city close to Nagoya where Toyota’s operating department was located), but now the commute will be reduced dramatically.

Since Midland Square is right in front of Nagoya station, people are able to enjoy geographical advantage. It has easy access to everywhere by land, sea, and air. It takes about 30 minutes to Chubu International airport (Centrair) from Nagoya station, 52 minutes to Osaka and 95 minutes to Tokyo by bullet train. It also has easy access to Nagoya port, a center of exports and imports in Japan. You will not find any places in Japan as convenient as Midland Square. The building will be acting as a center of business, trade, culture, and international relationship.

◇◆ 4. Japan’s New Prime Minister ◇◆

On 26th, September, Mr. Abe Shinzo of Liberal Democratic Party was chosen as Japan’s new prime minister and formed a new Cabinet. Greater Nagoya business and economic leaders welcomed the Abe Cabinet. Overview of his policies are as follows: a country that enjoys beauty of culture, tradition, nature, and history; a country with freedom and discipline; prosperity of a country that grows with new innovation; and a country open to the world with trust, respect with its leadership. One of his domestic policies includes introduction of the regional system (merging current prefectural and city governments together for more efficiency and decentralization of authority). Furthermore, he is planning to improve relationships with neighboring countries as well as increasing skilled workers, products, and finance from all over the world on the foreign policy

◇◆ 5. Our New Incentive Program ◇◆

GNI provides complimentary services and incentives to foreign-affiliated companies planning to expand its business and establish offices in Greater Nagoya area (Aichi, Gifu, and Mie). GNI provides these services to help foreign-affiliated companies planning to invest in the region. Tsu city of Mie has newly announced its incentive program for foreign-affiliated companies.

Please visit our website for further details of GNI incentives:

Please check out the website for Tsu city’s program:
(For English, please contact us.)