MoU b/w the Nagoya University, National Composite Center…

Memorandum of Understanding between the Nagoya University, National Composite Center, (“NCC”), – Greater  Nagoya – and the CFK-Valley Stade e. V. –Niedersachsen –


The Nagoya University, NCC Japan visited CFK-Valley in order to carry out joint R & D projects and to realize innovations in the field of lightweight construction to strengthen the lightweight construction technologies and the mobility industry in Greater Nagoya and Niedersachsen. The mobility industry shapes the industrial and technological landscape of Greater Nagoya and Niedersachsen. Lightweight construction technologies using lightweight material CFRP are of crucial importance for the competitiveness of the mobility industry.

The CFK-Valley Stade e.V. places at disposal for the Nagoya University its experiences and knowledge in cluster strategy and in cluster management and welcomes that the Nagoya University (Department for International Relations) functions as an office of Japan CFK Valley and takes over the network management.

The scope of joint activities includes research, development and commercialization of products and services; ioint seeking of grants and other financial resources to enhance collaborative opportunities; Bilateral exchange of business leaders, researchers as well as students and post-graduate researchers; Joint marketing and promotional activities to raise the international visibility and profile of both clusters; sharing and leveraging of infrastructure, such as facilities for research and training; support for joint licensing of new technologies.


About NCC Japan:

On April 1, 2012, the National Composites Center (NCC) was founded at Nagoya University. In order to activate those composite processing industries and innovate related technologies, a budget from the Ministry of Economics, Trades and Industries (METI) was approved for Nagoya University in 2011, and installation operations for NCC began. The activity of NCC is focusing on automotive industries and aerospace/wind turbine industries, which are based in the Greater Nagoya Area and dominate the south-eastern Asian region in their fields. One of the major facilities in NCC is hydraulic press machine (35,000KN) as shown in the following figure.


Figure: Hydraulic press machine in NCC Japan.



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