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Area Information

Geographic center of Aichi Prefecture, 30 km east of Nagoya, with the Yahagi River dividing the city into east and west.
50 minutes from Nagoya station via the Tsurumai Subway. (transfer at Fushimi station)
76 minutes from Centrair by train and 46 minutes by car.
Vastly improved access:
Three high standard roads running vertically and horizontally, as well as 5 Interchanges and 2 Junctions (both Interchanges and Junctions newly built) provide excellent access.
10 minute access to an Interchange leading to a high standard road from anywhere in the city.
Economy & Industry
Leads municipalities in shipment value of manufactured products.
World-class automotive cluster centered around Toyota Motor. (number of factories: 889)
Leading monozukuri technology and know-how base.
Land is available on the Toyota Hanamoto Industrial Complex:
8.5 km from the Toyota Interchange on the Tomei Expressway and 4.0 km from the Kanpachi Interchange on the Tokai Loop Highway.
46 km to the Port of Nagoya and 68 km from Centrair.
2 railway stations within 500 m of the complex.
Life and Culture
The birthplace of the Matsudaira Family, a powerful ruling clan for 300 years during the Tokugawa Government.
Toyota Stadium (maximum capacity: 45,000), Toyota Municipal Museum of Art collects and displays modern and contemporary art

Basic Data

Toyota Junction

Toyota Stadium
Surface Area:
Manufactured Products Shipped: (100 million yen)
106,314 (2010)
422,344 (Sep.1.2014)
Number of Firms:
14,831 (2011)
Important Industries:
Automobiles and auto-related industries
Primary Players:
Toyota Motor Corporation, Taiho Kogyo Co. Ltd. Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd. Fujiseiko Limited, Toyota Iron Works Co., Ltd. Trinity Industrial Corp.
Universities and Research Facilities:
Aichi Institute of Technology: Research Institute for Industrial Technology, Toyota National College of Technology Regional Joint Technology Center, Chukyo University Institute for Advanced Studies in Artificial intelligence
Corporate Enticement Projects
Toyota Hanamoto Industrial Site

*Surface Area ~ Number of Firms provided by Toyota City Hall

Business Opportunities

Toyota City Hall
3-60 Nishimachi Toyota, Aichi