Japan's Largest Auto Distribution Base

Area Information

Southeastern Aichi, bordered by Shizuoka Prefecture.
85 minutes from Tokyo and 95 minutes from Osaka by Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train (Hikari).
76 minutes to Centrair by train.
20 minutes (8km) from the Toyokawa Interchange off the Tomei Expressway.
The Port of Mikawa has led the nation in automotive export value since 1993, and has led the nation in both import numbers and value since 1998. The Port of Mikawa is located in the center of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, and is a relatively urbanized area with tremendous growth potential.
Economy & Industry
Top-quality automotive-related staff and engineers.
As part of the "International Automotive Complex Project," Toyohashi is integrating the Port of Mikawa, the Tomei and Daini Tomei Expressways, and Centrair to enhance an already powerful auto manufacturing industry cluster and attract overseas investment.
Abundant land both near the bayside area and deeper into the prefecture.
Toyohashi Research Park is a R&D cluster. Both the Toyohashi University of Technology and Toyohashi Science Core are possible collaboration partners.
Largest commercial city in the eastern region of Aichi Prefecture.
One of Japan's largest agricultural producers.
Life and Culture
One of the historical 53 rest stops and castle towns on the way to Kyoto from Tokyo.
Leads Japan in calligraphy brush production. Toyohashi's brushes are known for their high quality.
One of cities with environment-friendly streetcars.

Basic Data

Port of Mikawa
Surface Area:
Manufactured Products Shipped: (100 million yen)
Number of Firms:
Important Industries:
automobiles and auto-related industries
Primary Players:
Volkswagen AG, Chrysler LLC Worldwide, Mercedes-Benz, Denso Corporation, Topy Industries Ltd., Nitto Denko Cooporation, Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
Universities and Research Facilities:
Toyohashi University of Technology, Aichi University, Toyohashi Sozo College
Corporate Enticement Projects
Toyohashi Research Park, Inner Region and Bayside Industrial Parks, International Automobile Complex Project

*Surface Area, Value of Manufactured Products Shipped, Population, and No. of Firms from Toyo Keizai "Toshi Datapack 2004"

Business Opportunities

Toyohashi City Hall
1 Imahashi-cho Toyohashi, Aichi