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Area Information

Located on the west coast of the Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture, and has an international airport.
Transportation between Tokoname and the new international airport, Centrair, is fast and easy. It takes only 5 minutes by train and car. Tokoname is only 30 minutes to Nagoya by train. It takes 35 to 45 minutes by high-speed boat from Tsu City, Yokkaichi City, or Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, to Centrair.
Directly connected to express highway, Centrair Line, Minami-Chita Chuo Line, and Nagoya Expressway. Central Japan International Airport, Centrair, is opened offshore from Tokoname City, as the third international hub airport in Japan. Tokoname City has since served as Japan's gateway to the world: transportation hub for the exchange of people, goods and information.
Economy & Industry
Following the opening of CENTRAIR, many housing complexes were built for airport personnel and their families, increasing the population of Tokoname. The Central Airport City, adjoining CENTRAIR, and central parts of Tokoname are welcoming an increasing number of businesses.
The inland part of Tokoname has three industrial complexes. Farmers grow their products in the adjusted agricultural area. In the coastal areas, fisheries are abundant with products from Ise Bay.
Life and Culture
Town redemarcation project for comfortable residential area
A long tradition of ceramic ware production, with a history of nearly 1000 years.
Rich nature, abundance of fishery products

Basic Data

Pottery Footpath

Central Japan International Airport

Central Japan Airport City
Surface Area:
Manufactured Products Shipped: (100 million yen)
Number of Firms:
Important Industries:
Pottery, Agriculture, Fishery
Primary Players:
INAX Corporation
Universities and Research Facilities:
Aichi Industrial Technology Institute Ceramic Industry Centre, Aichi Central Japan Airport City Generating Station
Corporate Enticement Projects:
Tokoname city is going to offer locational promotion and job development subsidies for those companies which are entering  development sites on the opposite shore of airport.

Provision (Must fall under all of the below categories)

(1) Applicants must acquire or rent property and open business establishment within 3 years after land acquisition or land tenancy. Applicants must run a start-up business on your own or put it under control of trustee.

Attention 1) organizations trying to set up operations but do not have an office in the area on the opposite shore of the airport

(2) The purchase of Capital asset(except lands) for opening business establishment has to be more than 1 billion yen, and the number of full-time employees have not to be less than 5 persons. In this case, if employers run business renting property, those who let from employers are considered to be including full-time employee.

Attention 2) Workers other than those under Labor standard law-Amendment 21

Object category of business

No specification

Incentivizeing contexts

Applicants are paid for an amount commensurate with Fixed property tax of house and land property惻city planning tax in accordance to reduction system. (Land which is lent from Aichi prefecture would be an amount commensurate with fixed asset tax)

[Amount of payment]
First year Second year Third year Fourth year Fifth year
100% 100% 75% 50% 50%

Maximum Cost


Delivery period

Within the physical year of the fixed asset tax and state owned asset delivery to municipality of residence.(if the whole amount is paid) the following year

Job development incentive

Provision (Must fall under all of the below categories)
(1) Must fall under the requirements of the location promotion incentive

(2) As permanent employees dealing with the new business establishment and holding residence in the city, a new contract from the first day of operations employment base date (one year after the first day of work)

(3) To continue employment and follow above rules for one year from point of reckoning

attention : 1) Must be an assured employee under the Unemployment Insurance Law-4th amendment-paragraph 1
2) Must have residence in the city for a year prior to beginning work
3) Includes the period of preparing for operations from a year before starting date of operations

Incentive contexts

200,000 issue per person (limited to one time)

Maximum Cost

10 million yen

Delivery period

The following year or the year after that from the base date of employment

Contact: Aichi Prefecture Tokoname city planning Airport City promotional department

4-1 Shinkai-cho, Tokoname-shi, Aichi-ken
Phone: 0569-35-5111 (Main) Line 343
Fax: 0569-35-3939

Business Opportunities

Tokoname City Hall, Industry Development Division
Tokoname City Hall 4-1 Shinkai-cho Tokoname Aichi