Center of Greater Nagoya.

Area Information

Located between Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya is the center of Greater Nagoya.
Transportation between Nagoya and the new international airport, Centrair, is fast and easy. It takes only 28 minutes by train and 40 minutes by car.
Nagoya is only 95 minutes to Tokyo, 52 minutes to Osaka, and 37 minutes to Kyoto by Shinkansen bullet train.
Nagoya is situated on a large plain, the geography lending itself to the demands of modern transport and physical infrastructure. The area is home to a modern and comprehensive network of expressways, railways, airways and seaways that will ensure efficient and effective delivery of goods and services, and offers advanced IT infrastructure such as fiber optic cable to commercial and residential areas.
Economy & Industry
Nagoya's stable economy is reflected in the area's growing consumption. Not only did Nagoya record sales figures above the national average for 19 months in a row, Nagoya's large-scale retail stores reported increasing sales, while retail sales figures in Tokyo and Osaka decreased.
Prices and office rent are cheaper than in Tokyo.
Global business leaders and their supporting small-to-medium-sized enterprises are clustered in the area.
R&D bases such as the "Nagoya Science Park" create new business opportunities.
Life and Culture
Nagoya is rich in history and culture. Sites such as the Nagoya Castle, built 400 years ago, the Tokugawa Museum, and the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology illustrate the city's rich history.
An international city, directional signs are posted in English and lifestyle/education information is available in seven different languages at the Nagoya International Center.

Basic Data

Twin Towers & Nagoya Station

Nagoya Castle

Techno Hill Nagoya
Surface Area:
Manufactured Products Shipped: (100 million yen)
Number of Firms:
Important Industries:
Machinery, Auto and Auto-related industries, Ceramics
Primary Players:
Brother Industries, NGK Insulators, Mori Seiki, Noritake
Universities and Research Facilities:
Nagoya University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya City University, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Chubu, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Bio Mimetic Control Research Center
Incubation Facilities
Technohill Nagoya

Incubator Rooms (nabi/Kanayama, nabi/Shirakane, Science Exchange Plaza, and Nagoya Medical and Engineering Collaborative Incubators in development stage)

*Surface Area, Value of Manufactured Products Shipped, and Number of Firms from Toyo Keizai "Toshi Datapack 2004" Population provided by Nagoya City General Coordination and Policy Planning Division

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Business Opportunities

Nagoya City Hall, Industry Development Division
3-1-1 Sannomaru Naka-ku Nagoya, Aichi