Privacy Policy

Greater Nagoya Initiative Center (hereinafter referred to as GNIC) understands that its important responsibility is protection of personal information and specific personal information which includes personal numbers (personal information and specific personal information are collectively referred to as Personal Information). It therefore has developed and complies with the following policy.

1.Compliance of laws

GNIC treats Personal Information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

2.Collection, use, and provision of Personal Information

  1. GNIC collects Personal Information in a lawful and fair manner.
  2. GNIC uses and/or provides Personal Information only for the purpose of the relevant collection and to properly fulfill its duty. Among Personal Information, specific personal information is used and/or provided only for the purpose of the relevant collection and to fulfill clerical work stipulated by laws.
  3. Unless otherwise provided for by law, Personal Information is not provided to any third party without prior consent of the person.

3.Proper management of Personal Information

Safety measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of Personal Information.

  1. Access to Personal Information is limited to authorized employees.
  2. Collection and use of Personal Information is limited to the minimum necessary for provision of services, management of operation, etc.
  3. When provision of Personal Information is needed in order to subcontract any operation to a subcontractor, Personal Information is provided after confirming that proper measures are taken.
  4. GNIC ensures that Personal information is strictly managed to maintain its accuracy. If any Personal Information is found to be untrue, such untrue information is promptly corrected, and if management of such Personal Information is no longer needed, it is deleted or destroyed safely and promptly.


Training on protection of Personal Information is given to the employees as necessary for proper treatment of Personal Information.

5.Enhancement of compliance program

GNIC takes necessary measures to protect Personal Information under its possession, and it also reviews and enhances its compliance program as necessary.