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Cluster Visit: Bretagne Commerce International

Greater Nagoya Aerospace Europe Mission 2013


Date:  June 19, 2013 (Wed)

Visit to: Bretagne Commerce International (RENNES, Bretagne)


Bretagne Commerce International

・ Vincent CHAMARET, General Manager

・ Vincent TALVAS, Project Manager

・ Nathalie MENARD, Foreign Direct Investment

・ Mod MENIER, Intern

Greater Nagoya Initiative Center

・ Tomohiro IINO, Chief, International Affairs Division, Chubu Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

・ Kiyono WATANABE, Assistant Manager, Greater Nagoya Initiative Center


~About Bretagne Commerce International~

Bretagne Commerce International is  a not-for-profit organization of Breton companies with a supported by the Conseil régional de Bretagne ( régional government) and the CCI International Région Bretagne. ( Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bretagne).

- to help Breton companies in their international development

- to support foreign companies with a project in Bretagne



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