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Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

GNI monthly e-newsletter Issue No.1May 2006
◇◆ 1. Introduction on GNI Newsletter
◇◆ 2. What’s GNI?
◇◆ 3. Recent GNI events
◇◆ 4. Vibrant Greater Nagoya
◇◆ 1. Introduction on GNI monthly Newsletter ◇◆
Greater Nagoya Initiative Center (GNIC), established in February, 2006, provides “one-stop” services to overseas corporations interested in starting or expanding business into Greater Nagoya. In our monthly newsletter, we will feature the latest information and upcoming events on Greater Nagoya. We welcome your questions, critiques and comments!

◇◆ 2. What’s GNI? ◇◆
Greater Nagoya (Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures) located in Central Japan can be considered heart of Japan. It is a geographically broad economic and industrial area, located between Tokyo and Osaka. Greater Nagoya Initiative (GNI), which is a joint effort of government, industry and academia, was created to promote international exchanges and open the industrial economy in this region post EXPO 2005 in order to bring the most excellent corporations, technologies, human resource and information from all over the world. GNI is promoted by local governments and economic organization such as private corporations, universities, etc., as well as the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). GNI Partners consists of more than 320 organizations such as corporations, universities and research institutions. GNI provides investigations, the information on the area, arrangement of business meetings, site visits and assistance for business start-ups.
Click here for more details → http://greaternagoya.org/jpn/about_gni_01.html

GNI also have been featured in Wall Street Journal on September 27, October 11 2004, 2005, March 29, 2006.

◇◆ 3. Recent GNI events ◇◆
GNI recently hosted two large-scale events; “GNI-Centrair Business Program” and “GNI Business Program for Overseas Companies in Japan.”
GNI-Centrair Business Program 2006 February 20 ~ 24, 2006
Greater Nagoya Initiative held “GNI-Centrair Business Program”, joint event with GNI and Central Japan International Airport, as a commemoration of establishment on Greater Nagoya Initiative Center. Greater Nagoya Initiative invited 34 companies such as IT and Bio industries from all over the world, and set up about 130 business meetings with local companies in this area. A number of invitees commented that: “The program was well organized.”; “Great introduction to start new business in Greater Nagoya.”; “Great networking opportunities.”
GNI Business Program for Overseas Companies in Japan February 28 ~ March 1, 2006
We invited 18 overseas corporations, mainly based in Tokyo and Osaka areas, and set up over 45 meetings with local companies. We hope the program was beneficial and productive for the invitees and could be a start for launching a business in Greater Nagoya.

◇◆ 4. Vibrant Greater Nagoya ◇◆
Known as global manufacturing sprit, “Monozukuri,” Greater Nagoya has been in the world’s spotlight. The profile of Nagoya has been raised post the 2005 World Expo as well as a new international airport – we are expecting further international exchange in this region. The shipment volume on manufacturing in Aichi Prefecture has been the highest for the past 28 years nationwide. Also, Greater Nagoya’s manufacturing shipment volume accounts for 17.6% of the entire nation. Needless to say, auto industry such as Toyota Motor Corporation, has been the leading industry of manufacturing in Greater Nagoya, as well as ceramics and furniture industries. We maintain the old traditions, but the new Nagoya cannot be missed either. High-rise buildings such as ‘Midland Square’ -the tallest building in Central region-, ‘Nagoya Lucent Tower,’ and ‘Mode School Spiral Towers,’ are currently under construction in the Nagoya station area. Toyota Motor Corporation’s overseas operations divisions will be relocated from Tokyo to Nagoya early next year into the brand new ‘Midland Square’ building.

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