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Issue No.51 (August 2010)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

1.Success Story: Metalsa Japan K.K. Opens New Office in Greater Nagoya
2.Japanese Aerospace SME in Farnborough International Airshow (July 19-)
3.Gifu Hosts Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group of APEC (Sep 28 – Oct 03)
1. Success Story: Metalsa Japan K.K. Opens New Office in Greater Nagoya
Metalsa S.A. de C.V
Metalsa S.A. de C.V. has completed the establishment of its fully-owned subsidiary Metalsa Japan K.K. on June 18th, 2010. This is a new step forward in order to provide value and strengthen their commitment to their Japanese customers. Metalsa Japan K.K. is aiming to become a primary source of support to the Japanese customer in design, engineering, program development and commercial matters, and a linkage between their customers and overseas operations.

In addition to their Yokohama office, Metalsa Japan K.K. has decided to add a new office in Greater Nagoya, in full operation. The reason the company decided to locate in Greater Nagoya is it is convenience to go to their customer’s office; Toyota Head Quarter. Metalsa Japan K.K. will be in a proper position to be close and serve in a better way all of the customers in the different regions of Japan.

Jose Trevino, representative director of Metalsa Japan K.K. mentioned “Metalsa believes these activities can get us closer to achieving our long term goals of higher values, better service and becoming the supplier of choice for the customer.”

Metalsa Japan K.K. Address: Meieki 4-6-23 Horiuchi Building 9F #119, Nakamura District, Nagoya Aichi 450-0002

More information, please visit their website: http://www.metalsa.com/inicio.html
2. Japanese Aerospace SME in Farnborough International Airshow (July 19-)
More than 30 Japanese Aerospace related small and medium size enterprises formed an organization called Japan Aerospace Industry Forum to promote their high technologies and products in Farnborough International Air show 2010 (July 19 – 25)

In cooperation with governments and private companies in Japan, the Japan Aerospace Industry Forum (JAIF) held a venue there to conduct business events such as business matching between Japanese companies and global companies who participated in the show. JAIF promoted advanced aerospace technologies and companies from Japan to the world under the direction of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Chubu. The Business-matching were coordinated by the Greater Nagoya Initiative Center or other economic organization located in Greater Nagoya.
At the chalet, several business events took place such as the business seminars, press-release for Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2012, and booth tours were taken for Japanese participants by aerospace experts of Chubu Aerospace Technology Center.
3. Gifu Hosts Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group of APEC (Sep 28 – Oct 03)
Gifu, Greater Nagoya will hold the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Working Group Meeting (SMEWG) from 28 Sep – 03 Oct.

Japanese Government has decided to hold the summit which gathering women entrepreneurs from 21 jointed countries in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Working Group Meeting (SMEWG.) The summit was requested to be held by the United States etc. About 350 people including 150 participants from overseas are expected to attend. During the event, the summit focuses on promoting regional growth by SME supports expansion and women’s employment promotion

Woman’s employment expansion was also taken as a topic at the Growth Strategy High-Level Policy Roundtable.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry expect that holding the entrepreneur summit separated from the meeting of cabinet ministers of APEC would lead strengthening of collaboration with the business community.

Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group (SMEWG) was established in 1995 , originally known as the Ad Hoc Policy Level Group on SMEs (PLGSME). The main objective of the group is to assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the APEC region in improving their competitiveness while creating a more open trade and investment environment to encourage the development of SMEs. In 2000, the group was renamed SMEWG.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation:
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