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Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities
GNI monthly newsletter Issue No.4  September 2006
◇◆ 1. International Automotive Complex Project (Port of Mikawa)
◇◆ 2. Booming Nagoya
◇◆ 1. International Automotive Complex Project(Port of Mikawa) ◇◆
Port of Mikawa in Aichi is center of imports and exports of automotives in Japan, and is one of the four largest ports in the world traded over one million vehicles in 2003 (with the value of 2.4 trillion yen, 20billion US dollars). The International Automotive Complex Project is carried out in the area by both the government and automotive corporations to improve and strengthen infrastructures in the area such as, the port, highways, and airport. It is also developing an environment for foreign corporations to be able to establish and settle down their companies into the area smoothly. This project is expected to lead a further increase in competitiveness of the automotive industry in Greater Nagoya area.

◇◆ 2. Booming Nagoya ◇◆
Average land prices in larger cities in Japan did not rise in the past 16 years, but they have risen (according to the survey in July this year) and Nagoya is no exception. There has been 35.2% increase in Nagoya station area. Around this area, many skyscraper towers are under construction and Toyota’s corporate headquarter is moving into one of the towers called “Midland Square” with 47 floors (247 meters) in September 30th this year. Though, land prices in Nagoya has risen, people in Nagoya can still enjoy high standard of living with lower price of living. Rent for housing in Nagoya is much lower and floor space per dwelling is much larger compared to Tokyo and Osaka. Greater Nagoya’s economy is booming and many excitements to be discovered in our area.

Please see facts and figures of Greater Nagoya in our website: http://greaternagoya.org/eng/index.php?mid=5&cid=58

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