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Issue No.69 (January 2011)

Greater Nagoya Means Greater Business Opportunities

1. Event: “Greater Nagoya GREATEST” Presents Greatest Products at FOODEX 2012
2. Report: Global Business Development Seminar in Greater Nagoya
3. News: Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site and Foreign Direct Investment in Japan

1. Event: “Greater Nagoya GREATEST” Presents Greatest Products at FOODEX 2012

The international food and beverage exhibition, “FOODEX Japan 2012″ will take place at Makuhari Messe (Chiba Pref.) from March 6th (Tue) to 9th (Fri), 2012. Greater Nagoya Initiative Center will exhibit “Greater Nagoya GREATEST” booth at the Made in/by Japan section. The three representative local companies from Greater Nagoya region will exhibit their specialties as co-exhibitors.
[Co-exhibiting companies / Products]:
(1) AZUMA FOODS Co., Ltd. (Mie Pref.)
[Products]: Sushi topping, seasoned raw octopus with wasabi, avocado paste, etc.
[What's the greatest point?]: Azuma Foods is the inventor of wasabi seasoned raw octopus; Takowasa.
[Products Page]: http://www.azumafoods.co.jp/en/products/index.html

(2) AKITAYA HONTEN Co., Ltd. (Gifu Pref.)
[Products 2]: Honey and honey products, jelly drink products
[What's the greatest point?]: AKITAYA HONTEN Co., Ltd. has the No.1 share in Japan for jelly drink products for OEM.
[Products Page]:http://www.akitayahonten.co.jp/index.html(Only Japanese)

(3) TAKEYA Co., Ltd. (Mie Pref.)
[Products]: Green Tea pudding, fruits Jelly, cream puffs
[URL]: http://www.takeya-ltd.co.jp/product/index.html#mondl (Japanese)
[What's the greatest point?]: TAKEYA Co., Ltd. received the Monde Selection Awards for more than 20 products

[Business Matchings Service]:
If there are any requests for the business matching coordination with above companies during the exhibition, please contact gninewsletter@greaternagoya.org with your request.
[Main Organizer of Greater Nagoya Greatest]:
-Greater Nagoya Initiative Center
[Exhibition Info:]
[Exhibition]: FOODEX JAPAN 2012
[URL]: http://www3.jma.or.jp/foodex/en/index.html
[Date]: March 6 (Tue) – 9 (Fri), 2012
[Venue]: Makuhari Messe (Halls 1-8)
[Number of Exhibitors]: 2,400 exhibitors / 3,200 booths (expected)
[Organized by]: Japan Management Association etc


2. Report: Global Business Development Seminar in Greater Nagoya

The Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and other organizations in Greater Nagoya region held the Central Japan Globalization Conference to promote overseas business development of small and medium sized enterprises. The Global Business Development Seminar took place at Mielparque Nagoya on December 21st (Wed) 2011 for companies who are planning to advance their business to overseas for the first time.

[The program]
1. The economic affairs and the investment environment of Thailand and Indonesia.
- Yasuharu Kazui, Chief Consultant, International Business Division, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting
Kazui explained about impacts for the global business after major floods occurred during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand.
2. The problem and countermeasures of intellectual property right in ASEAN.
- Yasuo Ohkuma, Intellectual Property Department, Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro) Bangkok
3. The overseas expansion and the challenge to the world’s No.1 of MONODUKURI.
- Yoshitomo Ishizaki, President, General Production Co., Ltd.
Ishigaki told his success story of the business advancing to overseas.
4. The Local financing accompanying overseas expansion of small and medium-sized companies.
– Nakamura Hiroki, International Affairs Department, Shoko Chukin Bank
-Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
-Central Japan Globalization Conference

3. News: Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site and Foreign Direct Investment in Japan

Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site and Foreign Direct Investment in Japan is released. The Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, released guidelines for the program on December 16th, 2011.

[Three goals]: New strategy for growth

  1. To increase in the number of high-value-added business and hubs by global companies in Japan.
  2. To increase in the number of employees by global companies.
  3. To increase foreign direct investment.


  1. Improve profitability in order to promote investment.
  2. To take advantage of the special zone system to attract investment.
  3. To improve the investment environment and develop investment support systems.
  4. To improve living environment.
  5. Information dissemination that welcomes investment.

[Overview of the Program]
[Japanese]: http://www.invest-japan.go.jp/jp/fdip/files/asia-ij/siryou2-1.pdf (Japanese)

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[Latest News]:
News: Announcement of projects selected under FY 2011 “Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Asia Site Location in Japan”

[Incentive Program]:
GNI Business Start-up Program 2011FY:

[GNI Business Advancement]:
International companies that have expanded their business with GNI support:


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