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Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan

<Extension of the application period>


<Notice> 16th, March 2011
Due to the earthquake which hit the Tohoku District of Japan on 11th, March 2011, the application period of the subsidy program will be extended to 12:00 PM of 29th, March 2011.


The Subsidy Program for Promoting Site Location in Japan is intended to sustain and strengthen high-value-added business sites in Japan and to achieve sustainable growth of the Japanese economy by supporting the establishment of new high-value added sites in Japan, such as Head Sites or R&D Sites, which have been proven to have a significant impact on the Japanese economy, and to strategically and proactively invite and build high-value-added business functions that match the strength of the Japanese economy.


Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan: Public Offering Guidelines (362KB)

Application Forms(209KB)

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*JETRO is the Secretariat for Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan.


1. Subsidized Projects

Projects eligible for the subsidy shall be those for establishing a new Head Site or R&D Site. However, the relocation and consolidation of existing sites in Japan are not eligible for the subsidy.


2. Applicable Companies

Private enterprises that satisfy all of the below requirements:

Have corporate status in Japan

Belong to a corporate body consisting of group companies that are running an actual business in two or more countries.

*Foreign corporations (including branch offices in Japan) must have corporate status in Japan by the time of the grant application if their site is selected by this public offering.


3. Subsidy Rate

Up to one-half for SMEs; up to one-third for non-SMEs (Limit: 1 billion yen)


4. Period of Public Offering

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 to Tuesday, March 29, 2011 (no later than 12:00 p.m. Japan Time)

*Submit the applications forms by mail or in person to the Secretariat below.

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