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Announcement of projects selected under FY 2011 “Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan”


 Below are the companies selected for the subsidy Program for Project Promoting Asia Site Location in Japan.

        1. DSM Japan Engineering Plastics K.K. (Netherlands) R&D Chemicals (Plastic)

2. Intelligent Energy Holdings Plc (U.K.) R&D Fuel cells

3. Medasys Japan K.K. (France) R&D Medical information system

4. Mikado Kyowa Seed Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary of Vilmorin & Cie S.A.) France R&D Vegetable seeds

5. NeoPhotonics Japan, Godo Kaisha (USA) R&D Optical communication equipments

6. Nihon Cabot Microelectronics K.K. (USA) R&D Materials for electronics component(Abrasive)

7. Sanofi-Aventis K.K. (France) Regional Head Quarters Pharmaceuticals

8. Umicore N.V. (Belgium) R&D Industrial chemicals (Catalyst)

9. Volvo Technology AB (Sweden) R&D Technology development related to automobiles

10.  3M Health Care Ltd. (USA) R&D Healthcare products


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